ALBUM REVIEW: Dynazty – The Dark Delight

DYNAZTY are due to return with an adrenaline filled masterpiece. It is guaranteed to become a firm favourite in your repertoire. The Dark Delight reveals its musical delights as I delve into each track.

Presence Of Mind is an anthem in its own right, an adrenaline filled song with energetic guitar riffs by Mike Lavér. Nils Molin’s vocals have matured over the course of albums. There are strong and powerful drumbeats by George Egg that cement this well-orchestrated track. These lyrics were very memorable and are stuck in my mind. “This is where we crash and burn, This is where we start to learn, Ground zero this fear of your presence of mind”.

Paradise Of The Architect starts with a melodic keyboard solo by Rob Love Magnusson, thissets the ambience well. Jonathan Olsson’s bass riffs are exceptional, these bring a melodic injection to the track. Nils’ communicates to us the emotions of the lyrical content through his passionate vocal work.

The Black has a magnificent opening that features presence and power from the guitars. The drums show ferocity and emotion. Nils’ projection of his vocals are superb. While listening to this track, I imagine an eighties vibe.

From Sound to Silence has an electronic track that builds us up to the metal explosion. The guitar riffs take this track to new levels by giving it a vigorous injection. The guest starring in this track is AMARANTHE’s Henrik ‘GG6’ Englund. GG6’s gruff growls compliments Nils’ melodic vocals well.

Hologram starts with a sorrowful melody with delicate serene keyboard music. Nils’ vocals have passion that flows out with every word that he sings. This track is well orchestrated and heartfelt. The guitarists Mike, Jonathan and Rob are full of enthusiasm and dedication that make the track seamless.

Heartless Madness starts off with an upbeat electronic melody. Nils’ vocals are vibrant and full of exhilaration. The guitars by Jonathan, Rob Love and Mike dominate the backing track of this piece making this a well-orchestrated track. This piece is extremely memorable and has a sorrowful message within the track. “Veil my wounds and scars, Before the image falls apart, let us walk among the stars”.

Waterfall starts off with the beauty and sorrow of Nils’ vocals communicating a sadness. This is showing all the guitarists qualities by showing the powerful but melodic influences. It has memorable but sorrowful lyrics. These lyrics include “Waterfall let the rain come wash away it all, one final overhaul, ’til we dream no more”.

Threading The Needle has keyboards offering to us its electric energy transporting us into this track. Nils’ dominant vocal work plus air guitar worthy riffs from Mike, Rob and Jonathan make it a truly well written track.

The Man And The Elements has us gearing up for this listening experience. It has an eighties style intro that has power and passion. Each band members play a vital role that make this track one to remember. George gives us a drum beat that is vibrant and injects ferocity into this track.

Apex features electronic beats accompanied by bass riffs that gives a sci-fi element to this track. This is written with dedication and passion as communicated through Nils’ vocal work. In this piece Nils’ vocals are joined by gruff vocals that compliment this track well.

The Road To Redemption has a haunting intro with a country western feel to it. This track that has plenty of atmospheric delights from the guitar riffs to the drumbeats. Nils once again dazzles us with his vocal presence.

The title track has an elegant but prominent keyboard intro. The guitar riffs take the reins of the backing track and inject intensity into this piece. Nils sings with intensity and has a stunning vocal presence. This track is beautifully written and well-orchestrated. This is a perfect finale of this album.

This album is a masterpiece. All songs are well written and performed. This is an eagerly anticipated album for DYNAZTY fans. This album will easily capture new fans along the way.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Becky Weale

The Dark Delight will be released Friday via AFM Records.

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