ALBUM REVIEW: Akurion – Come Forth To Me

Attention Death metal fans!!! A new force has risen from the shadows and produced raw atmospheric talent.

They are Montréal based AKURION and they are hungry. They don’t plan on coming quietly when introducing themselves to the world of metal. So, prepare yourselves for their debut album Come Forth To Me.

The beginning of opening track Leave These Scars introduces us to the brutality of the bass by Oli Pinard. During this piece, moments of rawness are vocalised by Mike DiSalvo. These lyrics feature an inspirational message. It focuses on the person that is encouraged to leave these scars behind.

Petals From A Rose That Eventually Wither To Black begins with Mike’s harsh guttural vocals. His vocals are filled with a sorrowful presence. This track also features Gabrielle DiSalvo’s beautiful vocals. You then hear Oli’s harsh brutal bass line. The track features Tommy McKinnon’s powerful atmospheric drumbeats. The song’s lyrics are very sorrowful and full of emotion. I felt the pain behind the track while listening.

The track Yet You’ve Seen Them Not commences with Oli’s powerful and energetic bass line, which interlinks with the rawness of Mike’s vocals. Tommy’s atmospheric drumbeats contribute to the rawness of the song. It features a melodic presence that balances with the harshness.

Souvenir Gardens features an atmospheric backing piece that is classical in nature. An unexpected but pleasant addition to this track. R Milley’s beautiful acoustic guitar solo gives this track a melodic feel. Oli’s fierce raw base line interrupts the serene ambience and changes the direction of the track.

Bedsores To The Brave gives the listeners an adrenaline rush during the chaos and rage that dominate this piece. Mike’s vocals are raw and gritty. Oli’s bassline is fierce and energetic. Tommy communicates such passion and pain within the drumbeats. This is a sorrowful and atmospheric track.

Wallow In Magnificent Pity starts off with Tommy’s energetic and powerful drumbeats. It features Oli’s vigorous bass riffs and R Milley’s skilled guitar work. This track has passion and sorrow communicated by Mike’s vocal work.

The Year Of The Long Pig starts off with energetic and powerful bass riffs. Mike’s iron lung vocals make a robust addition to this track. There are forceful and dynamic drumbeats give this song an unrestrained and primal edge. This track demonstrates talent and rawness during this piece.

Kingdom Overcome is a powerful and energetic piece with ferocious and dominate bass lines. Within this piece there are vigorous and robust drumbeats. Mike once again dominates with his gruff, harsh vocals. During this track I hear similarities to the style of OBITUARY.

AKURION have bought the death metal world an incredible debut album. It’s full of powerful atmospheric riffs and raw gritty vocals. This is a well-orchestrated album, a must listen for the fans.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Becky Weale

Come Fourth To Me will be unleashed this Friday via Redefining Darkness Records.

Find AKURION on Facebook.

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