This Time Around….

Given today is World Mental Health Day, it only seemed fit that I share this story today. At the weekend I visited Brighton to attend Mammothfest, one of the best Underground Metal Music festivals in the country to date. Headliners this year included ROTTING CHRIST and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE. The atmosphere was extremely welcoming, it was … Continue reading This Time Around….

If Only It Stopped At The Name Calling…..: Murdered For Being Different Review

If only it stopped at the name calling is the phrase that has been used to describe this tragedy, which comes across incredibly well in this one-off film from the BBC. Murdered To Be Different depicts the true story on how young couple Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby were viciously attacked by a gang of … Continue reading If Only It Stopped At The Name Calling…..: Murdered For Being Different Review

My Top Albums of 2016

  10. Eternal Halloween - Eternal Halloween Kicking off my top ten for 2016 is the self titled abomination from terrifying troupe ETERNAL HALLOWEEN. There are a few things I admire about this troupe; their outrageous (well not to us metal heads) appearance, their brilliantly heavy sound and their ability to entice the listener in … Continue reading My Top Albums of 2016

I am back; I mean it this time!

Hello there everyone, hope you're all well. I apologise for the lack of updates; last month was quite eventful. Those of you who know me personally and have me on Facebook will know the news. Those of you who don't or haven't got me on Facebook; my grandma sadly passed away 1st August 2016, she … Continue reading I am back; I mean it this time!

Half Way Post

It only feels like yesterday since 2016 started and already a lot has happened. Including music releases which is what I am aiming to slowly get back into talking about. So here are the albums that have been released this year that have made my year so far. Fleshgod Apocalypse - King If you wish … Continue reading Half Way Post