SINGLE REVIEW: Control The Storm – Chaotic Mind

Think NIGHTWISH with a hint of UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, for fans of those particular bands that sounds fantastic. You can hear it right now in the form of CONTROL THE STORM‘s latest single ‘Chaotic Mind’. They only released this track hours ago it’s already received glowing reviews from fans. Having listened to the song for about the fifth/sixth time today, it’s easy to see why.

Ever since releasing their debut EP in 2010 CONTROL THE STORM‘s fanbase has grown significantly. They were awarded a slot on the New Blood Stage in 2012 at Bloodstock Festival and released their debut album ‘Beast Inside’ in 2015. The release of this particular album recieved high praise from metal fans and respected magazines alike. This new single is one off their upcoming album that is due for release in the new year.

The single itself sounds a little different to what they have previously released, there’s more power within the guitar work this time round and it works very well for this song. Their music has gained praised for its powerful content and ‘Chaotic Mind’ certainly contains that. The new vocal flavour from Firouzeh Razavi gives the song something refreshing to the palette and it’s safe to say she has fitted well with The Storm.

You have to be careful when mixing major and minor tones in a song, usually for it to work they have to be subtle. ‘Chaotic Mind’ proves otherwise as for the majority of the song, minor tones illustrate struggling with those inner demons that most of us fight on a daily basis. The major tones after the second chorus representing the fight against those demons, silencing them until they next attack.  The lyrical content to match these tones works perfectly well.

It should also be mentioned that there are some new talents from the newest members on this single; coming in the form vocalist Firouzeh Razavi (as mentioned before), drummer Michael Brush and bassist Paul O’Shea. 

This song contains empowerment, hope and fantastic musicianship that have come together to create this mighty single.

CONTROL THE STORM are back and they mean business.

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