ALBUM REVIEW: Lord Of The Lost – Swan Songs III

The name LORD OF THE LOST has been bouncing around the rock and metal community for a while now. Their highly anticipated release Swan Songs III has been my opportunity to experience the stunning sounds of this band. The album also makes me feel ashamed that I haven’t sat down and listened to them sooner. … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Lord Of The Lost – Swan Songs III

ALBUM REVIEW: Warkings – Revenge

International metal band WARKINGS have released their long awaited follow up to Reborn. Revenge is rich of tales of battle, revenge, and the Gods. It's a listening feast that will have you roaring a battle cry. In the track Freedom, the listeners are lured in with a haunting bagpipe intro. The Viking’s bass and The … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Warkings – Revenge

EP REVIEW: Fleshdriver – Leech

Introducing American Death metal band FLESHDRIVER. The band are due to release their impressive debut EP titled Leech. Through the pandemonium and fury, the bands phenomenal talents send waves of potent brutal, rawness within the tracks. Leech introduces us to the brutal force of Tyler Denslow’s fierce guitar riffs. Quinn Riley’s drumbeats are an adrenaline rush. This … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Fleshdriver – Leech

ALBUM REVIEW: Guns For Girls – Blood Harmonies

Guns for Girls where formed in 2007, they have been growing and developing since then. They have been playing as many live gigs as possible. Having had a high turn round in members they have recently settled down into a three-piece line up with vocalist and guitarist Gavin Herbert, bassist Carl Haden and drummer Dylan … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Guns For Girls – Blood Harmonies

ALBUM REVIEW: Accidental President – Accidental President

A brilliantly engaging album that mixes atmospheric gothic, intricate metal vibes and a soaring classic rock mood from start to finish. The Australian based three piece; consisting of Bethany Neville on vocals, Dave Ben Lee on guitars as well as backing vocals and finally Leon Cadden on drums, have released their self-titled debut album. This superb album connects with listeners in many ways straight from … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Accidental President – Accidental President

ALBUM REVIEW: Hifiklub, Matt Cameron, Reuben Lewis, Daffodil – Rupture

Angel by MASSIVE ATTACK is one of those songs that even if you are not a part of its scene, it has been so prevalent in the media that you have heard it. From a cover by SEPULTURA to featuring in movies like Snatch, Firewall and the 2004 remake of Flight of the Phoenix. If … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Hifiklub, Matt Cameron, Reuben Lewis, Daffodil – Rupture

ALBUM REVIEW: Thundermother – Heat Wave

What if I told you there was a sound heatwave that didn’t make you feel exhausted but exhilarated? This will be coming from Swedish Hard Rock quartet THUNDERMOTHER and they are due to unleash this via their latest album Heat Wave. This will be their fourth studio album they will be releasing. Their statement on … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Thundermother – Heat Wave

ALBUM REVIEW: Buena Madera – Zero

BUENA MADERA is a small band of three artists from Padua, Italy. Their band is comprised of Renato Rancan on guitar and vocals, Christian Galletta on bass and Mirco Giordani on drums but have incorporated the input from Enrico Baraldi (Ornaments, sound engineer of Zu). Having experimented with different sounds and drawing from their experiences … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Buena Madera – Zero

ALBUM REVIEW: Pale Blue Moon – The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out was first seen as a book title by American physicist Richard Reynman in 1999. That title alone is satisfying, this is something we all feel when we discover something we didn’t know before. It is now the title for Irish Rockers PALE BLUE MOON’s debut album. This album takes … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Pale Blue Moon – The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

ALBUM REVIEW: The Big Dirty – The Sex

Sit back and get ready for one of the dirtiest encounters you may come across from one of the newest bands in Hard Rock. Northampton Sex Rockers (their words, not mine) THE BIG DIRTY have released debut album The Sex and you better be prepared for this. These guys could give STEEL PANTHER a run … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: The Big Dirty – The Sex