EP REVIEW: Tarah Who? – 64 Women

When first looking into this band, I found that lead vocalist Tarah has a commanding presence. This drew me in immediately and I knew I’d found a rock and roll woman I could get on board with. She was previously incarcerated in downtown LA with 64 women and used this experience to create the title … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Tarah Who? – 64 Women

ALBUM REVIEW: Myrath – Shehili

MYRATH means legacy in Arabic and a legacy is what they will leave. They have a remarkable fusion of grand melodies and profound lyrics. This has earnt them recognition and respect from fans and critics alike. The Tunisian Progressive Metal quintet are due to release their fifth studio album Shehili. They chose to take a … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Myrath – Shehili

ALBUM REVIEW: Night Screamer – Dead Of Night

It’s no secret that old school Heavy Metal is making a comeback. London based NIGHT SCREAMER are one of those bands that are making sure this happens. They have unleashed their debut album Dead Of Night and to say this will open doors for the band is a huge understatement. The story of NIGHT SCREAMER … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Night Screamer – Dead Of Night

ALBUM REVIEW: Bangover – Shovel Butcher

What if someone told you that there was an album that makes you practice air guitar and headbang within the first minute? Understandably your curiosity would be peaked and those metal head senses will be tingling. The album in question is titled Shovel Butcher that was concocted by London based Thrash Outfit BANGOVER. Shovel Butcher … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Bangover – Shovel Butcher

ALBUM REVIEW: Mirratal – Castaway

It’s no secret that loneliness and isolation go hand in hand, these feelings can make it harder to express our emotions. The debut album Castaway from Ukrainian Symphonic Metal band MIRRATAL portrays those feelings across in their profound music and lyrical content. This album took a few years to complete and it’s safe to say … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Mirratal – Castaway

ALBUM REVIEW: The Treatment – Power Crazy

Think AEROSMITH meets AC/DC and you get British Hard Rock quintet THE TREATMENT. Their sound containing huge riffs, bombastic choruses and straight to the point songs has understandably gained ongoing praise from fans and critics. Their fourth album Power Crazy is due to break the airwaves this Friday and it shows this ballsy sound still … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: The Treatment – Power Crazy

ALBUM REVIEW: Bloodbound – Rise Of The Dragon Empire

Are you ready to unleash your inner dragon slayer? With the gallant and noble songs from the upcoming BLOODBOUND album, you can achieve this goal. Rise Of The Dragon Empire showcases their ability to take you away to a far and distant land. In this record this ability is stronger than ever before. Like their … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Bloodbound – Rise Of The Dragon Empire

ALBUM REVIEW: Aephanemer – Prokopton

When you think you have heard it all before, something comes out of the woodwork and takes you completely by surprise. The sounds from French Melodic Death Metal group AEPHANEMER are a breath of fresh air. They have their own sound and could well be future icons of Melodic Death Metal. They are due to … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Aephanemer – Prokopton

ALBUM REVIEW: Steel Raiser – Acciaio

Through metal, a lot of strong bonds and friendships are formed. Often, it’s to the point where bands are formed. This is definitely the case with Italian Heavy Metal outfit STEEL RAISER. They have unleashed their latest album Acciaio and the word translates to Steel from Italian. Coincidence? Given the sturdy material that this album … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Steel Raiser – Acciaio

ALBUM REVIEW: Darkwater – Human

Think EVERGREY meets KAMELOT, add TEN into the mix and you get DARKWATER. The Swedish Melodic Progressive metal band’s have a record strong and profound melodies that will ensure an ever-growing fan base. They are due to release their third studio album Human and it’s a stunning release. It’s no secret that humans are complex … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Darkwater – Human