ALBUM REVIEW: Empyre – Self Aware

It’s a rarity these days to find a debut album that has you fully immersed and engaged from the word go. Upcoming Rock quartet EMPYRE prove that this is a possible feat to do, the evidence lies within their upcoming debut album Self Aware. To say opener My Bad hits you like a tonne of … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Empyre – Self Aware

ALBUM REVIEW: Valley Queen – Supergiant

When first looking into VALLEY QUEEN, I was sceptical as this is not a genre I gravitate toward. I have since been converted and I feel like I have been missing out on this genre for too long. As someone who predominantly listens to loud angry metal, this whole genre is alien to me, but … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Valley Queen – Supergiant

ALBUM REVIEW: Bloodred Hourglass – Godsend

When you become a part of the metal community, you quickly learn that Finland are one of the best breeding grounds for metal legends. NIGHTWISH, TURISAS, ENSIFERUM and AMORPHIS are part of this hall of fame. Judging from the utmost strength their upcoming record possesses, BLOODRED HOURGLASS could easily join this list. Their fourth studio … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Bloodred Hourglass – Godsend

ALBUM REVIEW: Pythia – The Solace Of Ancient Earth

As a fan of Symphonic Metal, I have come across the name PYTHIA several times. It’s a band I am familiar with, I have caught them live with their previous line-up. Their latest album The Solace Of Ancient Earth provided the perfect opportunity to start listening to them again. It’s been four years since the … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Pythia – The Solace Of Ancient Earth

ALBUM REVIEW: Barbe-Q-Barbies – Borrowed Time

This album starts with a bang. Diz-Funk-Tional is the first track from the latest BARBE-Q-BARBIES album Borrowed Time and I instantly loved it. It’s fast paced and it made me want to move straight away. I have listened to this track about 100 times already as I can’t get it out of my head! Catchy, … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Barbe-Q-Barbies – Borrowed Time

ALBUM REVIEW: Diviner – Realms Of Time

The Greek Gods were a powerful bunch of unique beings that impacted the Earth in one way or another. Good or Evil, you knew about them and their presence could always be felt. This statement can also apply to Greek Heavy/Power Metal outfit DIVINER. Their sounds are so bold, epic and empowering that even thinking … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Diviner – Realms Of Time

ALBUM REVIEW: Diamond Head – The Coffin Train

When you are part of the Heavy Metal community, the name DIAMOND HEAD is hard to miss. Whether you are a long-time fan or a casual listener, you would have come across the name of these Heavy Metal pioneers at some point. For me, this is my first experience of the icons and from listening … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Diamond Head – The Coffin Train

ALBUM REVIEW: D-A-D – A Prayer For The Loud

This highly anticipated album definitely starts with a hook. The first track and also first release from D-A-D’s new album is Burning Star, a classic Rock and Roll tune which kept my attention. The rest of the album follows suit and does not disappoint. After an 8 year wait for D-A-D fans, the band have … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: D-A-D – A Prayer For The Loud

ALBUM REVIEW: Grimgotts -Dragons Of The Ages

You take a scoop of the fantasy musical arrangements from TWILIGHT FORCE, a spoonful from the infamous nautical themes from ALESTORM and add a helping of the bombastic vocal work from RHAPSODY OF FIRE. What could you get from this concoction? The outcome would be Symphonic/Power Metal act GRIMGOTTS. They have released their second full … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Grimgotts -Dragons Of The Ages

EP REVIEW: Tarah Who? – 64 Women

When first looking into this band, I found that lead vocalist Tarah has a commanding presence. This drew me in immediately and I knew I’d found a rock and roll woman I could get on board with. She was previously incarcerated in downtown LA with 64 women and used this experience to create the title … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Tarah Who? – 64 Women