ALBUM REVIEW: Sinner – Santa Muerte

First of all, SINNER is a band that I am not familiar with. I always enjoy listening to and discovering bands for the first time and their latest offering Santa Muerte does not disappoint on the first play through.  SINNER are clearly no rookies to the scene; they formed in 1982 by vocalist and bassist … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Sinner – Santa Muerte

ALBUM REVIEW: Hawk Eyes – Advice

This album took me by surprise when listening to it. After reading Advice was the fourth album of HAWK EYES, I took a look at their albums they had released previously and found this to be taking a different direction than their older records. Although I can hear their sound in it and it’s not … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Hawk Eyes – Advice

ALBUM REVIEW: Obsidian Tide – Pillars Of Creation

Four years ago, I came across a Progressive Metal group whilst reviewing for another magazine. I remember their EP Debris being mesmerising and reminding me of those hazy summer days. Fast forward to today and I am reviewing their debut album for my own site. The band in question are OBSIDIAN TIDE and they have … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Obsidian Tide – Pillars Of Creation

EP REVIEW: Next Year – Waterfalls

NEXT YEAR are a Pop Punk band from the UK. Since their formation as a three piece in 2017, they have evolved into a more dynamic four piece to record their up and coming EP Waterfalls. When listening to the first track of this EP, it definitely had a tone of familiarity. As a former … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Next Year – Waterfalls

ALBUM REVIEW: Visions Of Atlantis – Wanderers

“Not all wanderers are lost” is the message from Wanderers, the upcoming album from Symphonic Metal Adventurers VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. This album takes you on a journey of self-discovery whilst experiencing profound lyrics, stunning vocals and excellent music arrangements. Are you ready to board this reflective voyage? You can at the end of the week … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Visions Of Atlantis – Wanderers

ALBUM REVIEW: HammerFall – Dominion

No introductions are required here. Whether you are a diehard fan or a casual listener, the name HAMMERFALL is hard to miss. They are due to release their eleventh studio album Dominion this Friday and it proves that HAMMERFALL are not planning on quitting anytime soon. The album opens with the track Never Forgive, Never … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: HammerFall – Dominion


SOLITARY’s latest EP XXV is, for me, the perfect blend of SLAYER and Dave Mustaine era METALLICA. The four piece from Preston consists of Rich Sherrington (Vocals, Guitar), Andy Mellar (Lead Guitar), Gaz Harrop (Bass), and Roy Miller (Drums). A personal favourite track is Requiem. It’s a brutally aggressive track that sets the tone in … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Solitary – XXV

ALBUM REVIEW: The Ritualists – The Painted People

THE RITUALISTS are a Post Punk band from NYC. They have spent the last few years working toward finding their sound and creating their debut album The Painted People. I personally don’t quite know how to describe this band, not because they are vastly different from anything else, but because they are similar to so … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: The Ritualists – The Painted People

ALBUM REVIEW: Empyre – Self Aware

It’s a rarity these days to find a debut album that has you fully immersed and engaged from the word go. Upcoming Rock quartet EMPYRE prove that this is a possible feat to do, the evidence lies within their upcoming debut album Self Aware. To say opener My Bad hits you like a tonne of … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Empyre – Self Aware

ALBUM REVIEW: Valley Queen – Supergiant

When first looking into VALLEY QUEEN, I was sceptical as this is not a genre I gravitate toward. I have since been converted and I feel like I have been missing out on this genre for too long. As someone who predominantly listens to loud angry metal, this whole genre is alien to me, but … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Valley Queen – Supergiant