SINGLE REVIEW: Battle Born – Fire Storm

Have you ever been so keen to share the news about something fantastic to the point where you can't hold it in anymore? This is how I felt when listening to Fire Storm, the hot and fiery single from rising Power Metal stars BATTLE BORN. Like many of their fans and followers, I was aware … Continue reading SINGLE REVIEW: Battle Born – Fire Storm

NEW SINGLE: Skyblazer – Morning Star

Remember my previous posts where I mention a social media post won't do a single justice? Well this is one of those cases, the song in question is SKYBLAZER's latest offering Morning Star. For those who don't know, SKYBLAZER is a project started up by SYMPHONITY's Johannes Frykholm. He does the vocal work and other … Continue reading NEW SINGLE: Skyblazer – Morning Star

NEW SINGLE: Majestica – Metal United

"Oh just one more listen." "But I don't want to get bored of the song." Does this sound familiar when you hear a great song? Do you have it on loop for days afterwards? The latest song for me is MAJESTICA's Metal United and I didn't feel a post on social media was enough so … Continue reading NEW SINGLE: Majestica – Metal United

NEW SINGLE: Angel Nation – Fly Away

When a band I respect and admire releases a new song this is what usually happens; I instantly share it on social media with maybe one or two sentences explaining what it is. I always make sure to include a message stating about how you should check out the band in question. With ANGEL NATION's … Continue reading NEW SINGLE: Angel Nation – Fly Away

SINGLE REVIEW: Bonafide Zero – Afterburner

Fighter jets at the ready, don the aviators and get ready for take off. Creators of Top Gun are going to wish this new single Afterburner was featured in the film. This new song comes from BONAFIDE ZERO. This is a new project devised by musician Will Armstrong, there is an EP currently in the … Continue reading SINGLE REVIEW: Bonafide Zero – Afterburner

SINGLE REVIEW: Found Missing? – Now I’m Awake

Now I'm Awake from Essex based rockers FOUND MISSING? has been out for nearly a month now. Judging from the strong content it gives off, it's more than evident more people need to know about it. When listening to Now I'm Awake, I am trying to pinpoint who FOUND MISSING? sound like. That's the thing, … Continue reading SINGLE REVIEW: Found Missing? – Now I’m Awake

SINGLE REVIEW: Feral Sun – Blame

Think STONE SOUR jamming with BREAKING BENJAMIN, this should give you a rough idea on what Modern Hard Rockers FERAL SUN sound like. They have released their new single Blame, this is taken from their upcoming EP. Blame and the rest of the EP will reassure us we are not alone with daily struggles. Blame … Continue reading SINGLE REVIEW: Feral Sun – Blame

SINGLE REVIEW: Deacon Brody – U + Me

The trio of DEACON BRODY have been fusing elements of nonstop Indie-Rock and Pop-Punk since they formed in 2017 and setting the scene on fire ever since.In such a short spell of time, the Northern gents have already been aired on the BBC with their previous singles Repair, Live Forever and Fear. They have performed … Continue reading SINGLE REVIEW: Deacon Brody – U + Me