ALBUM REVIEW: The Shadow Theory – Kamelot

The-Shadow-Theory-KamelotStep back and take a deep breath to prepare yourselves for a truly innovative act. They are KAMELOT and their solid discography is about to welcome a new arrival; their upcoming album The Shadow Theory. This spellbinding record is set to showcase KAMELOT on another level in terms of production and visual artistry; having listened to this record, it is easy to see why this statement has been made.

KAMELOT‘s story started back in Tampa, Florida 1991. In 1994, they signed a deal with Noise Records and they released their debut Eternity in the following August. Press praised this as one of the most promising debuts of all time. Despite several line-up changes for the duration of their career, KAMELOT continue to produce a solid sound that placed them firmly in the hearts of many fans on a worldwide scale. They have had countless headline tours worldwide, many festival appearances and illustrious guests featured across their discography. Alissa White-Gluz (ARCH ENEMY), Simone Simmons (EPICA), Gus G and Shagrath (DIMMU BORGIR) to name a few.

Now, onto their new record. The Shadow Theory gets off to a strong start with opening instrumental The Mission that then transitions smoothly into a mighty tune The Phantom Divine. This track contains a grand chorus that will be on the mind for days and has the special formula that will allow the listener to carrying playing this chorus repeatedly without growing bored. The rest of the record has that vibe in fact; it is one of the most thought-out, placed together records to be released. Each song has a different story to tell about how society and the world is run these days.

Burns To Embrace is certainly one of the most revolutionary tracks on the record; it’s grand music instrumental arrangements create a sweeping motion that will sink into and stay in the mindset for a long time. The children’s choir at the end of the song gives a powerful edge given what the song’s message is about the kind of world we are leaving the kids in.

KAMELOT have producing ballads down to an absolute T; in the case of In Twilight Hours they took it to the next level. It’s a beautiful, empowering melody that looks at the agony of regret and believing you can move through it. It features the guest vocals of the talented Jennifer Habens (BEYOND THE BLACK), the dynamics between Tommy Karevik and Jennifer are simply stunning. They fuse very well together to create this mesmerising melody.

Mindfall Remedy is a powerful track and one that encourages the subject of forging your own feelings and happiness. The metal growls from Lauren Hart (ONCE HUMAN) and the industrial sounding elements from the guitars, drums and synthesisers emphasise the strength and solidarity aspects of the melody.

Through the duration of The Shadow Theory, one thing becomes absolutely clear. This release definitely holds up the standard set by fans of the album and will ensure KAMELOT‘s stately reputation is upheld. One of the best releases to come this year, for fans and those looking to add something different to their collection.

Rating: 9/10

The Shadow Theory is out now via Napalm Records

Find Kamelot on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.


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