ALBUM REVIEW: The Wizards – Rise Of The Serpent

HRR658 Cover.inddOccult Heavy Metal Warriors is the chosen slogan for THE WIZARDS. They state they play a totally unconscious mix of styles we all share and like. Judging from their latest release Rise Of The Serpent, that statement is more than appropriate to describe their sound. This is their third studio album and it’s their token to help carry on the flag for hard rock and heavy metal. The band’s mission is to make all headbangers happy on a global scale and with this album that will still be the case.

Scratch the surface of this record and you can hear the influences from 70s hard rock. From the first few notes of Apocalyptic Weapons you can instantly hear tints of JUDAS PRIEST; particularly through the timeless guitar work and impeccable vocals. When the chorus comes around, there is an ambience of power metal. FREEDOM CALL and HAMMERFALL come to mind when these choruses play. This provides solid evidence to their claim they play an unconscious mix of styles.

Throughout the album, you can hear a mix of the old and new influences across the record. From the calls of Destiny to the marching beats of Strings Synchronise, there is a mighty mix of tracks. The album has a gallant and triumphant feel to it. The track Circle Of Time starts off in a doom like manner, giving strong hints of BLACK SABBATH in the process, which makes the transition from this to a power metal-like ambience all the more interesting. The song consists of original and reminiscent guitar solos, a chorus that will be swimming around in the head for days on end and sweeping beats.

The first pumping beats of Age Of Man are enough to bring anyone out of a bad mood. It’s an uplifting track that makes you want to dance all your troubles away. The song contains a marching beat that helps you keep moving forward. There is an unexpected twist that turns back the clock and helps you lift your mood.  It also beholds that impeccable vocal work that makes you want to mime along and grab the air. It also encompasses those guitar solos and riffs that fans will be practising air guitar skills too.

Rise Of The Serpent ends triumphantly on the concluding track VOID (Vision of Inner Death). The soft guitar work and echoed vocal works in the opening remind you of METALLICA’s Nothing Else Matters. The whole track in general gives us a great display of the talent between these musicians. The song provides a great opportunity to hear this before the album ends. The guitar work contains some slick solos and killer riffs. The vocal work could be on par with JUDAS PRIEST front man Rob Halford at this stage.

Overall, Rise Of The Serpent does offer potential and could be used to open more doors for THE WIZARDS. The musicians display talent and passion for their music, there’s no mistaking that. There is room for the sound to grow and develop further. If they continue to work their magic, their sound will become something unstoppable.  Their sound is already huge, so it might not be long until this sorcery is witnessed.

Rating: 7/10

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