SINGLE REVIEW: Mirratal – Abyss Of Lunacy

MIRRATAL are a symphonic/power metal band from Ukraine and they are getting ready to release their debut album Castaway in January 2019. In the meantime you can gather a taste of their sound with their latest single Abyss Of Lunacy that will open up the proceedings. They contain an intriguing sound that makes you want to find more and their message behind the single is a powerful. One that’s engraved into the rest of the album in fact.

In this day and age, there is non stop access to all sorts of information and it’s always difficult to decipher which is real or fake. The track is devoted to this information wars and the sharing of propaganda to the future generations. This message will be engraved into their debut album.

Going onto the track itself. The opening provides a strong reminder of Finnish Quartet APOCALYPTICA with the string arrangements, it provides enough to entice new listeners to what the rest of the track contains. With the different sounds coming from all sorts of places, it is very hard to pinpoint who they sound like at this stage.  There are some hints of the sound that remind the listener of SCAR SYMMETRY. The track is an interesting one with a great melody consisting of brilliant vocals, excellent orchestral elements and hard hitting riffs.

If this is the album opener, it will leave us wondering what the rest contains. This band definitely don’t plan on coming in quietly.

Castaway will be set free in January 2019.

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