NEWS: COMMONWEALTH – Everyone Around Me is out now!

Acclaimed Orange County based alternative rock band COMMONWEALTH have released their much-anticipated debut album, ‘Everyone Around Me’, today via SharpTone Records. Fans can now purchase/stream the record at the link below.


Founded in 2016, COMMONWEALTH create subtle, ethereal post-rock infused with alternative musicianship, melancholic, whimsical lyricism and poignant vocal delivery. Energetic enough to remain catchy and engaging while somber and sobering enough to speak through to the listener’s soul, COMMONWEALTH are a unique band built on a platform of authentic passion, appealing to fans of atmospheric post-hardcore, pop-punk and alt-rock all with one sprawling, all-encompassing dynamic.

While the band are young and have a few songs to their name, they’ve gained vast experience and a solid foundation from a dedicated work ethic, which has led to them playing alongside Set Sights and Modern Color in support of 2016’s critically acclaimed single, ‘Father(s)’. A harrowing and personal track detailing strained family dynamics and loss alike, the song served as an initial introduction to the band’s incredible potential. This became more evident with the release of ‘Vinyl’ in 2017.

COMMONWEALTH recently joined SharpTone Records’ roster and with their newly released full-length record are on a trajectory for breakout success in 2019. ‘Everyone Around Me’ contains two previously released songs and several other tremendous, touching and talented cuts like the single ‘Fear’ that incorporate elements of everything from post-rock to post-hardcore—creating soothing and immersive music that truly adds to the common good.

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