NEWS: HITCH – Release Music Video of Title Track Rock Nation

Loud and proud, the British-born, Heavy rocker, has always followed a dream.

His debut album Rock Nation is to be released on March 8th by DMI Records/CD Baby. The Album title track Rock Nation is now available worldwide on all digital formats.

Rock Nation is about building a Rock Army! Sorry I am biased, but I believe ROCK frankly RULES!! I want Rock Nation to be an anthem that motivates people. As the song says: ‘there’s a sun in the sky, there’s a rainbow coming and ALL I wanna do is make music’… SO LET’S ROCK!” proclaims HITCH.

Recorded at HITCH’s own Launch Pad Studios, Rock Nation has been a passionate journey strewn with love, sweat and tears. Anger. Lots of it. Anger used positively can be a remarkable tool. This album cuts through the generic pap clogging the airwaves and exudes genuine emotion.
The songs deal with society and how we can have hope and a new beginning. Naive? Maybe, but Hitch is genuine and not a lover of ‘Reality Media’ which is contradiction of everything it stands for.

“It has helped cultivate the desire to be a star at any cost, and social media has helped facilitate this insane and dangerous culture of posting every single thing in your life believing it makes you a ‘star’ when you patently aren’t,” says HITCH. “I’m all for the dream, but the dream requires work, desire and sacrifice. The dream cannot be fulfilled with a click or a post.”

Brash, Bold, Bombastic, Brilliant!!
HITCH -and Rock Nation– are here to share a mantra with you.
HITCH’s mantra is a simple one – YES YOU CAN

HITCH’s Rock Nation will be released on CD, LP, and digital formats; and if you missed them, sample first single Anarchy Reigns here and HITCH’s masterful cover of DEAD OR ALIVE’s You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) here

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