A great opening track is the first impression of the album we get and a great one can lure you right into the record.  During my time reviewing and listening to records, I have come across a wonderful array of fantastic intros. So I put the question to you about your favourites and here is what you all said.

Martin W

For me it is Mysteria by EDGUY. This one is from Hellfire Club. It was the first EDGUY album I bought after hearing King Of Fools and when I finally stumbled across it I rushed home to play it. It is also the opening bit that EDGUY have used every time I have seen them live. So it just gets me really excited every time I hear “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the freak show!”

John P

STRATOVARIUS’s Destiny from Destiny is the best opener ever!! I just love the intro part as it is brilliant and fits perfectly!

Louis S

Imaginations From The Other Side by BLIND GUARDIAN.

Jono M

Oldie but goodie Tarot WomanRAINBOW (from Rising)

Megan M

Here Come The Vultures from The Human Contradiction by DELAIN.

Chris P

Angel Of Death by SLAYER. Straight out the gate grabs you by the throat, kicks you in the balls and lets you know exactly what kind of experience you’re in for with the rest of the album with absolutely zero fucking around.

Daniel F

Through The Flesh To The Soul by INVOCATOR, classic Danish thrash/groove band fronted by Jacob Hansen on vocals/guitars. Hansen produces/mixes/masters countless albums for some of everyone’s favourite metal bands. KAMELOT, DELAIN, EPICA, ANUBIS GATE, THE UNGUIDED.

Jacob M

Ghost of PerditionOPETH from Ghost Reveries. It was the second OPETH track I’d heard but the first in the context of a full album. And it’s an adventure. From the initial “Ghost of Mother, lingering death” to the far mellower “Devil cracked the earthly shell, foretold she was the one, blew hope into the room and said: “You have to live before you die young”” The contrast between these two verses showcases the versatility of Mikael Akerfeldt’s voice. Add some excellent instrumentation and it’s definitely a favourite opener.

What would have you have picked for your choices? The next topic for the next Reader’s Choice is Motivational Songs. I would like to know which songs keep you going through difficult times or ones that just make you smile. Please let me know why that is. I will share mine on my Facebook page soon after this post and keep the discussion flowing. Suggestions for future topics of Reader’s Choice are more than welcome.

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