Two weeks have flown by and the playlist has been updated once again. There have been some cracking releases the past two weeks that you can find on the list.

The Dark Element, Edge Of Paradise and Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra are among those that have released new albums in the past couple of weeks. Eluveitie released a live album last week too.

Singles releases come from the likes of Magic Kingdom, Eleine, Crystal Viper, H.E.A.T, The Agonist, Running Wild, We Three Kings and Lordi. There are also two re-releases from Powerwolf and Snow White Blood, that ties in well as there was also a birthday in Powerwolf.

Speaking of birthdays, there were some in camp Battle Beast, Majestica, Beast In Black, Arch Enemy (well ex-Arch Enemy) and Kamelot.

Enjoy the list and see you next time.


Snow White Blood – Lullaby For The Undead
Magic Kingdom – Metalmighty
Battle Beast – Madness
H.E.A.T – Rise
Arch Enemy – No Gods, No Masters
Majestica – Above The Sky
The Agonist – The Gift Of Silence
Leah – Light Of The World
Eleine – Mein Herz Brennt
Beast In Black – Blind And Frozen
Crystal Viper – Bright Lights
Kamelot – Veil Of Elysium
Lordi – Shake The Baby Silent
Running Wild – Crossing The Blades
We Three Kings – Gasoline
Powerwolf – Kiss Of The Cobra King
The Dark Element – Get Out Of My Head
Edge Of Paradise – Alone
Eluveitie – The Call Of The Mountains – Live
Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra – The Great Ordeal

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