ALBUM REVIEW: Brothers Of Metal – Emblas Saga

Mask yourselves in war paint, don your strongest armour and prepare yourselves for battle. BROTHERS OF METAL are back with a brand-new quest and they are looking for warriors to partake in this adventure with them. Like their previous escapade Prophecy Of Ragnarök, Emblas Saga is a mighty tale.

These Swedish warriors head straight for battle with the songs Brood Of The Trickster and Powersnake. Brood Of The Trickster sets the scene with an atmospheric instrumental that makes the listener aware that something is afoot, something we need to be prepared for. What do we need to prepare for I hear you ask? To take on the Powersnake in the next track. This heroic opener will ensure long time fans and new listeners are ready for what’s to be bestowed upon them.

They often say three’s a crowd but the three vocalists in this band of warriors proves this isn’t the case here. We hear Ylva Eriksson (voice of the valkeries) and the battle cries of Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson. The cherry on top of those is Mats Nilsson’s Voice Of The Gods that add a mighty touch to these heroic tales. This high standard is carried throughout this tale alongside fantastic riffs/solos and thunderous drums. These work together beautifully to create songs that scream empowerment and strength. Emblas Saga emulates both of these through a variety of majestic tracks that will bring forth your inner warrior. Even the ballads Weaver Of Fate and One give off such power.

“Give it back at once you thief or I’ll go tell my dad” and “Stealing from the gods, you clueless fool. I am the god of thunder” have now got to be some of my favourite lines I have heard in songs. BROTHERS OF METAL have a knack for writing excellent and humorous lyrical content along to heroic musical arrangements. This can be heard in the song Theft Of The Hammer. After listening to this a few times, you will be able belt out the words of this grand chorus whilst grabbing the air and feeling glorious. The melody of this song is sweeping and majestic, one that will be repeated in your mind for days after listening to this song.

The atmospheric and acoustic arrangements at the beginning of Weaver Of Fate entices you in. This might be a slower track but this carries the same amount of power as its previous songs. This is the song that takes place when warriors sit around the camp fire as they rest from a long day of questing. You can hear two sides of Ylva Eriksson’s voice in this track; the softness during the acoustic parts and the powerful side during the distortion. This track allows you to sit back, relax and take a deep breath, you feel enlightened after listening to it.

The song One emulates comradery and togetherness between your fellow warriors. Everything from the grand sounding instrumental and choir voices to the powerful chorus, this will be the song to turn to when you need a heroic boost. All three vocal styles come together to create this booming anthem that is sure to become a favourite at live shows.

The album ends gallantly on the song To The Skies And Beyond. If you needed the sound of what the end of triumphant adventure sounds like than here it is. The melody screams victory and celebration but also leaves the possibility of another one about to take place in the near future. Judging from the strong material this album gives us, I can only hope to hear more tales.

Ready to find out what happens when you steal from the gods? Willing to take on the powersnake? The quest of Emblas Saga awaits and there is no better band of warriors to guide you on this tale.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Emblas Saga will be unleashed 10th January via AFM Records.

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