“Most of the time these choices come naturally since the different qualities in our vocals fill a very specific role.”

With their bombastic sounds and charismatic presence, it’s no wonder more people are joining the BROTHERS OF METAL clan. Rock Out Stand Out’s Lotty Whittingham grabbed a quick chat with one of the lead vocalists Ylva Eriksson. They spoke about the song writing process, touring with ELVENKING and who she would choose to fight alongside her in battle.

Photo Credit: George Grigoriadis

First off, congratulations on Emblas Saga. It’s going down well with fans and critics which is great. What are your personal favourite track/s on the album? Mine is Theft Of The Hammer.

Since there are eight of us in the band this is a question with many, very different answers! All of us have different favorites! I personally favor Weaver of fate, Emblas Saga and To The Skies And Beyond.

I am interested to know your songwriting process, particularly with three vocalists. When you have a song written, do you already have in mind who will sing which part?

Not always. A lot of the time a song just comes out, and then we’ll hear which voice is best suited for what part. Sometimes we write songs with a specific voice in mind for different parts. I really enjoy writing lyrics and melodies where I can play around with the functions that our three different voices fill. That way I can view our vocals as just another instrument that does its part for the whole or to enhance something in the lead. Most of the time these choices come naturally since the different qualities in our vocals fill a very specific role.

What inspires you the most when writing songs?

Again, this is a question with many different answers since there are many of us that are involved in the songwriting. My role is mostly to write lyrics, melodies, harmonies and choirs. What inspires me the most is having really good music to listen to while I write. I love it when I get to hear a recorded riff or even (most often) a nearly finished song that doesn’t have any lyrics or vocals that I can put on repeat and just start seeing images to. I also love doing all the research before a song, just reading up on different gods and stories so that I can tell it my own way!

Is that the Powersnake on the album cover?

Indeed it is! The snake is the Midgard serpent himself, and we imagine that the small people on the boat below is all of us!

You have just come off a tour with Elvenking, how did that go?

We had an amazing time! I believe we were all surprised by the overwhelming joy and support we were met by! This was our first tour ever, and it will most definitely not be our last!

What were your favourite venues to play at?

I don’t think we had one gig that none of us enjoyed. However, I’d say the fact that they opened up the venue at Z7 in Pratteln to make it bigger as so many people wanted to come share the battlefield with us was absolutely awesome!

Which songs did you enjoy performing live the most?

Safe to say that our new song Chain Breaker was one of the highlights! It is also absolutely mind blowing to stand on stage. Singing Yggdrasil when the whole audience is singing along gives me chills every time!

Which five people would you take with you into battle? They can be dead or alive, fictional or real.

1. Gandalf, for sure. You always need a good wizard by your side!
2. Link from the Zelda games, because he’s brave (duh, triforce of courage) and doesn’t require sleep.
3. Michelle Obama, because I believe she would make sound choices while still being fierce in battle. And I also believe she would know just how to wield a battle axe perfectly.
4. Mick Gordon, because every great battle needs an awesome soundtrack!
5. Smaug, because.. well, he’s a dragon!!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a band?

Find people that you truly enjoy spending time with. And most of all – have fun!

Thank you Ylva for taking the time out to speak to Rock Out Stand Out.

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