ALBUM REVIEW: Nova Twins – Who Are The Girls?

The new debut album, Who Are The Girls?, from London rock duo NOVA TWINS, should be played LOUD! NOVA TWINS Amy Love and Georgia South have created a booming, intense and somewhat aggressive sounding ten-track album that sets its own pace from the get-go.

The album is all about embracing and has been created in dedication of those who are different. The band state Who Are The Girls? is dedicated to all the people who are beautifully diverse and creating their own lanes. It’s a celebration of those who feel like they don’t fit in!”.

NOVA TWINS have a fast-approaching Europe/UK tour.

The opening track on the album, Vortex, instantly introduces a distorted sound that is prominent throughout the entire album. As soon as the chorus drops, Georgia’s heavy bass-line and Amy’s aggressive vocal style pack a real punch and will have you head banging along. By the end of the first track, the pace for the album has been well and truly established.

The second track of the album, Play Fair, initiates by leading you into a false sense of security. It’s slow, catchy drum beat soon explodes into the heavy bass-line and aggressive vocals recognisable from the first track. The odd sounding, yet exciting croaky breathing (?!) before each chorus adds an element to this track that is completely unfamiliar to me – I like it! I think…

The intro to Taxi sounds futuristic and almost Alien-like! Amy’s vocals are at their best of the entire album on this track.

I didn’t think it was possible, but the chorus in Devil’s Face adds even more bass and the pace is increased significantly. I can instantly tell why this, alongside Vortex, have been made singles and played on radio stations across the country.

Not My Day adds another aspect to the album. This track reminds me of the duo’s hip-hop influences.

Even with the wolf-whistles throughout the track, Bullet feels angrier. This is possibly my favourite track of the album as it feels more real. The low bass-line throughout the verses is different to the rest of the album, but not too dissimilar you wouldn’t recognise NOVA TWIN’s unique sound.

With the end of the album approaching, we are greeted with a welcomed change of pace in the track Ivory Tower. It sounds eerie, like something from a horror movie, with the slow guitar riffs and quiet, echoed vocals.

The pace of the album is quickly reverted back just in time for the final two tracks, Undertaker and Athena. This album should be played in a dark room, loud in front of a crowd. The final moments of the album mirrors this, as it sounds just like the end of a live show.

It is not difficult to see that NOVA TWINS take influence from many genres and artists. These ladies certainly know how to rock and I can see Who Are The Girls? becoming a hugely popular album because of their unique, exciting sound.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Jack Andrews

Who Are The Girls? is out now.

Find NOVA TWINS on Facebook.

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