ALBUM REVIEW: Bonfire – Fistful Of Fire

One of the things that has kept my sanity at bay and mind occupied is great music, particularly during times of uncertainty. The latest band to do this for me are Hard Rock veterans BONFIRE, they are due to release their fourteenth studio album Fistful Of Fire in a couple of days. This appropriately titled album could not be coming at a better time.

The album wastes no time opening with The Joker and Gotta Get Away. The Joker is an instrumental that lures the listener in, it consists of a cool flamenco guitar melody before transitioning into the bombastic Hard Rock BONFIRE are best know for. The orchestral sounds towards the end were the perfect finishing touches, these emphasise the power.

Fists will shoot up into the air instantly when you hear the first few notes on Gotta Get Away. From the morale boosting lyrics to the fist pumping rhythms, everything about this song is empowering. I remember first listening to this with my eyes shut. I found it easy to immerse into the music and appreciate everything this track had to offer. Lyrics such as “I gotta get away, I gotta make it right” will stick in the brain for days after listening to the track.

This empowerment and fire continues throughout the album. There are no fillers, each track plays a vital part on the record. Whether it’s a passionate ballad like When The Old Man Cries, a fist pumper such as Rock N’ Roll Survivors, intriguing instrumentals including Fire Etude or the soaring sounds of Warrior. Despite their different sounds, each track has one thing in common; each song contains never ending amounts of power, passion and fire. There is a guarantee that the entire album’s content will be live show favourites. Below are just a few examples of what the album offers up.

The Devil Made Me Do It has been released as a single and I am very pleased that it has. It was one of the tracks that caught my attention from the get go. Being a fan of symphonic elements in rock and metal, this must have been one of the things that grabbed me. I can imagine a gathering of fans singing along to the fantastic chorus at live shows. The Devil Made Me Do It is the earworm of the album. So much so that even looking at the name of the song can bring the song flooding back into the brain.

As the title suggests, Warrior is an empowering track that makes you feel like you conquer anything. The lyrics such as “I’m not the one who is gonna give up a fight” and “I am warrior” reinforce this message. Given these times of uncertainty, we need to hear these lyrics more than ever. The melody is reminiscent of the exciting and bold sounds of Hard Rock in the eighties. This is my personal favourite track on the album.

As I mentioned earlier, this album title is appropriate. Evidence of this is in the strong content this album contains. The title track reinforces this from the get go. The lyrical content of this track could not be relevant today, the line that stuck out for me was “Together we are strong” and it’s often true. Not just for the times ahead but for anytime when things get tough and we need our support network.

It ends magnificently on the tracks The Surge, Gloryland and an acoustic rendition of When The Old Man Cries. The Surge is an interesting instrumental that builds up the anticipation for track Gloryland. Gloryland gives us one last blast of their mindblowing hard rock sound yet leaving us hankering for more. The acoustic version of When The Old Man Cries was the perfect way to calm things down right after the blasts of Hard Rock that came before it.  

Fistful Of Fire is a Hard Rock gem. This will no doubt be appreciated by long time fans and it will covert new listeners to their sound. Need a morale boost? Grab a Fistful Of Fire and feel ready to conquer your troubles and worries.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Fistful Of Fire will be unleashed this Friday via AFM Records.

Find BONFIRE on Facebook.

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