NEWS: THE OTHER – Release Their Single ‘We’re All Dead’

THE OTHER release their single ‘We’re All Dead‘, out now on Drakkar Entertainment, the first track taken from upcoming album ‘Haunted‘, which will be released on 12th June.

The death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world.
-Edgar Allan Poe

There‘s still light in the house at the end of the road: The Other are back, unleashing what may very well be their most bone-chilling effort yet. For as long as they exist, Germany’s biggest Horrorpunk band has been under the spell of monsters, of outsiders, serial killers, apparitions, nightmares and creatures stitched together in secret laboratories. On ‘Haunted’,
however, terror and shock come in a different guise. Rod Usher, the very figurehead of horror itself, has the reasons: Album eight courtesy of his undead army is their most personal effort yet. And their most painful, at that. “I killed quite a number of women in these lyrics,” he groans. “It’s the necessary artistic closure of a crushing experience and a huge disappointment.” Edgar Allan Poe softly says hello. Even more so, he seems like the sixth band member this time around.

Check out their lyric video below:

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