NEWS: MOLOKEN – Announce Live Concert Stream

Moloken invites you to a live stream concert! On Saturday, May 23, 2020 starting at 6:00pm UK the band will play their latest album “Unveilance Of Dark Matter” (2020) via Youtube, Facebook and Twitch. 

It will be a big show with props and a specially designed light show for this event only, streamed from the band’s hometown Umeå in northern Sweden. Moloken was supposed to play a release show in April for their new album but had to cancel it due to Corona. 

Keep an eye on the event page for regular updates:

Since the dawn of time music has been a part of human history and it’s the only language that has transcended every age. Of the few fortunate that channel one of humanities oldest forms of expression is the aging colossus Moloken. Born in the bitter cold of Umeå in 2007 the band has walked their own path disregarding musical conventions and genres. To change, morph and evolve restlessly is in the very fabric of Moloken and the titan above us is still on a journey into the unknown. Music is their religion and it unleashes feelings that are only understood by the heart of those who listen.

Tune in at 6:00pm UK on May 23, 2020 below:

Find MOLOKEN on Facebook.

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