NEWS: MAUD THE MOTH – Release Video ‘Finisterrae’

Photo Credit: Chris Scott

Madrid born and Edinburgh-based experimental singer-songwriter Maud the moth channeled her inner artistic perplexity on the second single “Finisterrae” from the upcoming third LP, Orphnē. The medieval nature encompassing video for the song got its premiere earlier via Prog/Louderand currently the single is available on all major digital platforms. 

“‘Finisterrae’ is one of the cornerstones of ‘Orphnē,’” informs Amaya López-Carromero, the sole architect behind Maud The Moth. “Aesthetically, it reflects perfectly the dreamlike and archaic environment of the album in the form of a small fable or journey to the subconscious.

“It is a fairly abstract song that deals with the internal conflicts of following an artistic career. Despite the fact that the first part of the song is quite dark and raw, and that it does not sugarcoat the pain and personal doubts present during the creation process, it evolves towards a much brighter place, with symbolic references to gardens, birds and seaside scenery. This second part of the song reflects the process of evolution, renovation and catharsis that I personally feel when writing and playing music, and which justifies and compensates for any of these tougher aspects.”

Watch the video below:

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