NEWS: MERCUTIO – Announce New Single ‘Slap Bang’ Out On 17th July

UK based alt rock trio Mercutio are set to release new single, “Slap Bang”, in mid-July 2020.

“Slap Bang” is a stunning rock song. Driving distorted riffs overlaid with the powerful melody and tongue in cheek lyrics of vocalist Ross William Wild. The track has the kind of instantly memorable chorus that lodges itself in your brain, and the far too infrequently used device that is the guitar solo.

“I’m not left or right / I couldn’t subscribe to a single direction 
I’m too ADHD
I’m not black or white / I’m always discovering the whole of the spectrum”

“Slap Bang” features a pre lockdown video. The heady days when you were allowed four in a bed.

You can view the video below:

Find MERCUTIO on Facebook.

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