NEWS: NIGHT LASER – Unleash First Video/Single ‘Street King’ feat. Gerre (Tankard)

Night Laser releases their first video single ‘Street King’ feat. Gerre (Tankard) from the new album “Power To Power” today!

“This is pretty much the most thrashing piece we’ve ever done. When we had the aftershow party with Gerre at Summer Breeze, we were hoping that he might contribute vocals and voilá! This is a blast! 150 seconds of true feelings, right in your face!”

“We made a conscious decision to record authentically and refine our sound. It was important to us to capture the breathtaking energy of our live concerts on the album,” says singer Benno confidently. And with a good point, because on “Power to Power” the band sounds more supreme and versatile than ever before.

“Musically, this is a wicked blend of 80s heavy metal and modern hard rock. A pinch of power metal or a touch of thrash here and there and you’ve got us”. 

Fans of bands such as Mötley Crüe, Crashdiet, W.A.S.P., Enforcer, Hammerfall, Tankard (whose singer Gerre has a guest appearance in the first single ‘Street King’), Helloween or Anthrax will enjoy listening to the new album. Night Laser has captured the live energy from innumerable shows with bands like W.A.S.P., Rage, Powerwolf, and Bonfire and put it straight onto the record. Their Hair Metal Anthems bring the Sunset Strip directly to Hamburg and are the perfect soundtrack for wild metal parties.

Watch the video ‘Street King’ below:

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