NEWS: BOOTYARD BANDITS – New Single ‘Hobby Horse’ To Be Released 3rd July 2020

Bootyard Bandits are back and are thrilled to announce their brand new single Hobby Horse set for release on 3 July 2020, with a stunning hand drawn lyric video dropping a few days before.

Hobby Horse is the newest offering from country rockers Bootyard Bandits. Walking the line between rock and metal, this is one of the heaviest tracks from the band’s forthcoming album. Fans can expect the gritty vocals, heavy riffs, hard-hitting drums and wry, satirical lyrics that have all become trademarks of this cowboy quintet’s sound. The video is the perfect complement to the song and, perhaps, to the soul of Bootyard Bandits: A Western-esque lyric video with stunning drawings that readily evoke the legendary Tex Willer comics.
The band comments: “I think it’s clear to everyone by now that we’re a classy bunch of bandits. As such, we always like to travel in style. So, we felt it prudent to pen a song in celebration of the classiest mode of transport there is. I can tell ya, it’s a banger! We’re confident that the days of motorised vehicles are numbered. Hobby-horsing is the future!” BAMM-BAMM

Hobby Horse video can be viewed below:

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