NEWS: SHEZMU – Decibel Magazine Streams Debut Album

Hear Shezmu’s ‘À Travers Les Lambeaux’ ahead of its release

Montréal doom infused black/death trio Shezmu is previewing their debut full-length, À Travers Les Lambeauxin its entirety at Decibel Magazine. The album releases July 29th via French label Krucyator Productions.

Shezmu states:

“The band took a different approach to the writing of this album, resulting in some of Comte Bergaby’s most personal lyrics to date. While still using visions of ancient history as the lyrical basis, the songs explore themes of rage, sorrow, and madness. The band creates a triangulum between these emotions, all symptoms of profound anguish. The anger can be well heard throughout the tracklist — enraged blast beats, fast tremolo picking, and low-end guttural vocals. The sadness manifests with clean, desperate yelling on some tracks such as ‘Lex Talionis.’ Finally, madness arises. The fever continues to heat as you listen to the record  until it reaches its boiling point, which is portrayed as the triumph of darkness over sanity.” 

Hear À Travers Les Lambeaux AT THIS LOCATION

PRE-ORDER CD HERE or CD/Digital on Bandcamp HERE. PRE-SAVE the digital album on Spotify, Apple… HERE

Find SHEZMU on Facebook.

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