NEWS: MORS PRINCIPIUM EST – Release New Single ‘Lost In A Starless Aeon’

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST release new single ‘Lost In A Starless Aeon‘, out now on AFM Records, new album ‘Seven’ out on 23rd October.

The Finnish melodeathers MORS PRINCIPIUM EST are back with their seventh album, short and snappy titled “Seven”, but no less impressive and epic than its predecessors. It’s a perfect continuation from where they left off with “Embers Of A Dying World“ in 2017: Death Metal, which is almost progressive in its brutality, combined with sophisticated orchestrations that, used sparingly, never drown in bombast, and fuse with dramatic, melancholic melodies.

Check out the video for ‘A Day For Redemption‘ below:

Find MORS PRINCIPIUM on Facebook.

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