NEWS: WITHOUT MERCY – Guitar Playthrough Showcases The Shred Of ‘The Disaster’ Off Upcoming Album ‘Seismic’

Photo Credit: Shimon Karmel

Canada’s Without Mercy have their new album “Seismic” coming out in November and recently unleashed the first single “The Disaster” to throttle listeners around the world. 

Teaming up with GuitarWorld today, guitarist DJ Temple is showcasing the shred on the track with the premiere of his playthrough that can be viewed HERE.

Temple adds:

“‘The Disaster’ was written to be unrelenting. Showing the best example of yourself under the worst conditions. Read the lyrics, they’ll get you there. I’m using my killer Schecter JL series on this track and running it down with Ernie ball strings and EMG 707’s. Then a single patch cable that runs to my kemper power rack and blasting through my EVH 4×12. Dunlop was my pick of choice on this record as well. Easter egg fans may notice a bracelet on my left hand which nods homage to an organization I’m proud of.”

The lyric video for “The Disaster” can also be viewed on YouTube.

Find WITHOUT MERCY on Facebook.

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