ALBUM REVIEW: Cellar Twins – Duality

Start the new year off with a BANG! The heavy hitting, brilliantly written Duality from Belgian band CELLAR TWINS is a must-hear for fans of AVENGED SEVENFOLD, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and TRIVIUM. Already a contender for my album of year, this really packs a punch!

On January 29th 2021, Belgian rockers CELLAR TWINS are re-releasing their record Duality. Originally released independently, with the help of their fan base via a crowdfunding campaign, it was very well received and ultimately caught the attention of Rockshot Records who wanted to re-release the album.

After their 2017 self-titled EP began the bands journey, CELLAR TWINS have performed at multiple Belgian festivals such as the Kraken Metal Festival, Bear Rock and American Rock Festival as well as having participated in Wacken Open Air’s Metal Battles.

The record begins in dramatic fashion with an orchestral style opening to Millenium. The heavy guitars and thumping drum beat soon kicks in and the headbanging commences! Upon first listening to this track, the thing that stood out to me the most was Carl Kubinsky’s emotional, yet uplifting vocals that work brilliantly with the moody lyrics. The chorus especially displays Kubinsky’s fantastic range.

The second track, Molotov Parade, minus the orchestral opening, begins in the same head banging way. This is followed by much more aggressive vocal work complimented with harmonious ‘Woah’s. Another great track following similar suit to the opener.

Drastically changing the pace, comes the slow and peaceful Cloud Walker. Again, fantastic vocal work is present throughout this track, with a few heavy instrumentals sprinkled throughout. The peacefulness continues into the opening of Selfear before you can hear a heavy breath and the heavy guitar and lively drums set back in. The constant switch in pace in this song adds an element to the record not yet introduced.

Next up is the ridiculously catchy Social Waste. A welcomed livelier track iterating ‘No, this is not a pop song!’. Opening and closing the track chanting ‘Na, na, na’is another fun quirky addition to an already unexpected track.

Past the midway point now with the track Antithesis, and the tone has shifted again similar to the beginning of the album with heavy guitar riffs and solos and catchy drumbeats. By this point I am thoroughly enjoying the change in pace and tone from song to song! The seventh track, Wovoka, is another steady track with great vocals. Around the midpoint of the song is a breakdown with eerie sounds reminiscent of early LINKIN PARK.

Tales of Autumn comes next and it slows the pace down once again. Sounding like an intimate love ballad with a smooth guitar solo and peaceful, low pitched vocals. This leads into the penultimate track, $olace, which opens with a cool space sounding intro. If you hadn’t guessed by this point, I am a huge fan of the vocal work all throughout this album and $olace is no exception.

The final track, and arguably my least favourite of the record (although by no means a bad track) is Promesse, ending the album with a heavy, bass fuelled song that seems darker than the rest of the album. I think I was hoping for a bit more of a livelier track for the finale! Nonetheless, another great track to round of this fantastic album. The screaming backing vocals was a personal highlight.

When I read that the album was a re-release of an earlier self-released album, I wasn’t holding out too much hope. I was under the impression that it would sound dated but that is definitely not the case! CELLAR TWINS have made an absolutely fantastic album! They play to their strengths very well, whilst also managing to prevent the record becoming boring and monotonous – something quite rare!

Rating: 9/10

Words: Jack Andrews

Duality will be unleashed 29th January 2021 via Rockshot Records.

Find CELLAR TWINS on Facebook.

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