ALBUM ANNIVERSARY: Shinedown – Amaryllis

SHINEDOWN’s Amaryllis turned ten years old on 27th March 2022. It’s an album that has really stuck with me throughout these years. Before I go into my thoughts about the album and what it means to me, here are some facts about the record.

Amaryllis is SHINEDOWN’s fourth studio album. It was released 27th March 2012 via Atlantic Records. It was recorded at Lightning Sound Studios, Ocean Way Recording, No Excuses Studios and Capitol Studios, and produced by Rob Cavallo.

Singer Brett Smith stated in an interview with HardDrvie Online that it was during the duration of this album where he started to take care of himself, by no longer taking drugs and paying attention to what he was eating. He also stated in an article from NoiseCreep that Amaryllis is the manifestation a vision on where the band were heading. The interview with HardDrive Online can be found below.

Amaryllis was the first album I had come across by SHINEDOWN. I don’t remember exactly how I came across it but all I do know is that once I listened to this, I didn’t look back. I didn’t realise at the time, but I was struggling with personal demons and anxiety. This album provided that much needed comfort when things were rough. Brett has said this album is about empowerment, perseverance and inspiration, this is what Amaryllis did for me then and continues to do so now.

Each of the songs are beautifully and carefully written, the melodies are stunning and do well to match the lyrics. It’s one of those albums I listen to and as each song plays, I remember “oh yeah, I like this song.” I would like to touch upon my personal favourite tracks on the record.

The title track is still to this day one of my favourite songs. It looks at two souls finding each other amongst the chaos. It’s a song I go back to time and time again. Enemies grabbed my attention instantly with its punchy energy and no-nonsense attitude, it’s also a crowd favourite at live shows. Miracle provides some of that nostalgia from bands that I listened when growing up, particularly within its melody. I’ll Follow You is a stunning ballad about being there for someone through the tough times, the lyrics “I’ll follow you down, to the eye of the storm, don’t worry I’ll keep you warm”, it always tugs the heartstrings whenever I listen to it.

The flower amaryllis grows in the most desolate parts of the world at certain times of the year. It rises through those tough conditions. It represents determination, strength and pride. The album as a whole does impeccably well to represent this. It’s clear that this was an important record for the band and to their fans.

Words: Lotty Whittingham

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