“I am trying to use all the influences I have and try to create something unique; the music blender is huge.”

Greek Modern Power Metallers THE SILENT RAGE will be performing in the UK for the first time at Power Metal Quest Fest. Rock Out Stand Out’s Lotty Whittingham spoke to guitarist/vocalist and founder of the band Nikos Siglidis about their first UK show, creating their sound and what to expect from a live show. Here’s what happened.

To those who haven’t heard The Silent Rage, how would you describe your sound?

Well first of all, thanks for giving us the opportunity to talk about us, The Silent Rage. This is our very first time coming to the UK for an awesome festival. We’re really proud we’re coming over as I am a huge admirer of the scene over there and this is first time The Silent Rage have played in the UK. It will be time to present our first album that’s been out for a while now and right now we’re on the final stage of mixing and mastering the brand new one. We’ll be playing a song from that album on the day as well.

We label our sound as melodic power metal, this is what we do. We have a lot of modern influences so when you listen to our sound, you hear power metal and modern metal. Sometimes you will hear thrash. There’s many influences to our sound.

I was reading your profiles on the band website, and you list your favourite bands, you all list your favourites. Do they influence your sound?

Basically, I write most of the songs. Nikos [Sarbanis] the other guitarist has helped me with this album, the upcoming one and also Michalis [Rinakakis] helped me write the vocal lines and lyrics for it. So, we’ve basically combined all our stuff and this what we have produced.

It’s hard to pigeonhole your sound into one genre.

The thing is, I am trying to create something that other bands these days are lacking from. This is what we try to do. For example, when you listen to bands like Megadeth, Sabaton or Primal Fear, you know it’s them. This is what we’re trying to achieve with The Silent Rage. I am trying to use all the influences I have and try to create something unique; the music blender is huge.

What can we expect from a live show from The Silent Rage?

A lot of headbanging. We want the crowd to sing with us and expect to see us get wild on stage. 

With your second album, was this the intended release date? I only ask as lots of bands have postponed album release dates due to COVID.

Well, the worst thing that happened was that we set a date for the studio, and it was the first day of lockdown. We were really lucky with the situation. If we take out the lockdowns, it would have been a year and half until the new album. We had to move the mixing and mastering by a few months. We decided to record the album at the Devasoundz Studios. The mixing and mastering will be done by Fotis Bernado who mixed and mastered our latest single Harvester Of Souls. 

Lockdowns had a huge impact on mental health. Rock Out Stand Out like to spread awareness around that. What’s mental health awareness like in Greece?

In Greece, depression is profoundly the major thing that happens, at least at my age. We’re strong and we’re to get by.

Is there anything you think we can do more of so people feel comfortable talking about their mental health?

I will tell you this. In the Greek Culture, there’s not a taboo about expressing your feelings. We as Greeks always invite our friends around for drinks and we discuss the matters. That’s the best solutions to our problems. If friends aren’t available, you go to professionals. 

Is Power Metal Quest Fest an exclusive UK show or part of a UK tour?

This is the only show for now.

Do you have a message for fans of The Silent Rage?

Come to the show and come enjoy our stuff. We’ll have plenty of surprises and if you want to meet us after the show, we would love to meet you.

Thank you Nikos for speaking with Rock Out Stand Out and best of luck at Power Metal Quest Fest.

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