ALBUM REVIEW: Jordan Red – Hands That Built The World

JORDAN RED’s debut album Hands That Built The World has been out for over two weeks and it has already
appeared in several Official UK Charts including Indie Album Breakers, Album Downloads, Top 50
Indie Albums and Top 40 Rock/Metal albums. Having listened to the album myself, it’s easy to see
why this album is gaining praise from fans and critics alike; most of us know this is an impossible

Opening track Awake grabs you by the ankles and drags you along whether you are ready for the
ride or not. From the word go, it packs a punch with Dan Baker’s bold, exciting riffs and Dan Leigh’s
distinct vocals. With powerful lyrics and a bold melody to match, it gets the album well underway.

I had heard the name JORDAN RED pop up over the years, but this is the first time I have sat down
and properly listened to them. They formed in the middle of the global pandemic which allowed
them to get creative with their sound. Their hard work and determination to create this record is
evident through the diverse selection of tracks. Below are just some examples of what the albums
offers up.

From the word go, you know instantly that you want to lose yourself in Way Down. According to the
press notes, the track is a wake-up call to live with purpose and cut out toxic people, patterns and
behaviours that drag us down. This message is amplified with the fist pumping rhythms, bold guitar
work and lyrics such as “way down, come and take it all”. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song is
already a favourite at live shows.

Don’t Let The Heavens Fall is a warning that those who fail to learn from history are condemned to
repeat it. As you know, I love a strong melody and this track carries a great one; it is one that would
not be out of place on an ALTER BRIDGE record. This melody strongly upholds those important lyrics
such as “time is calling, it’s a final and this is more than just a game”.

I think I speak for most hard rock fans that what we love is a track that makes you want to get up
and dance, this is what Freak Show does. This track calls out the mainstream media for what is and
takes aim at news media and corrupt journalists. It does this via a solid melody containing punchy
guitar riffs and the circus style Roll Up calls.

Musically, We Are Everybody reminds me of Dan Leigh’s other band NEW DEVICE; in particular their
song Seven Nights, Seven Bodies. This is due to similar sounding melodies and rhythms; they don’t
sound too similar that you can’t tell them apart. I l like both these songs so no complaints from me.

Get Up is an important closer. It reminds us of where we began and how far we have travelled. The
music and lyrics both work equally well to uphold this message. It gives us one last blast of the
band’s brilliant musicianship before closing.

Hands That Built The World is a strong and solid debut with punchy riffs, fantastic vocals and
poignant messages. If you’re a fan of bands like ALTER BRIDGE, SHINEDOWN and other solid hard
rock bands, give this a play.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Hands That Built The World is out now.

Find JORDAN RED on Facebook.

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