Uriah Heep w/ Blurred Vision @ The Engine Rooms, Southampton 06.05.2015

This is all seems quite a blur now due to other things happening at the same time but this night of Rock was exactly the stress that seemed called for on a Wednesday evening. The event being talked of here is when Progressive Rock URIAH HEEP conquered The Engine Rooms, one of Southampton’s hottest new venues. They were not alone as they had equally powerful support from BLURRED LINES.

Arriving at the venue there was a fair few people in the vicinity securing the ideal spot to catch their idols; from the moment doors opening there was enough time to do so since there were only two bands playing and assumingly the rest were planning to arrive just before the headliners started.

Message for those who missed first act BLURRED VISION? Ensure you catch them next time they tour; from the moment they took to the stage in their clean white stage attire they provided a very fascinating atmosphere. There was a very chilled yet bouncy vibe within their sound, hints of BIFFY CLYRO and PINK FLOYD within in their music meant it was tricky to pinpoint their sound. What was also admirable is that they relied on the music alone; no need for stage gimmicks, fancy solos or outrageous outfits, the simplicity of their songs was just remarkable and let’s hope they land on the UK shores very soon.

Headliners URIAH HEEP have often appeared under many radar’s over the year; after witnessing their live show at The Engine Rooms last weekend, it is evident they are one of the most underrated. Having started in a era where rock music was starting get heavy alongside BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE and LED ZEPPELIN, it seems they continue to battle for the recognition they deserve. Vocalist Bernie Shaw’s charismatic stage presence and his dominant vocal technique, an eclectic selection of material across the decades for their set from newest release “One Minute” to  B-Side classic “The Magician’s Birthday” and the way the gel so well together on stage were only a few of the highlights of URIAH HEEP’s set.  This particular evening was living proof that you are never too old to rock out and have a great time which is what URIAH HEEP certainly seemed like they were having. This was the best thing to see happening before their eyes; they are still passionate about what they do for their fans.

So overall a fantastic treat for long time followers of URIAH HEEP and those fans of any kind of Melodic rock, hoping they make an appearance in Southampton again soon.

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