ALBUM REVIEW: Toby And The Whole Truth – Ignorance Is Bliss (25th Anniversary Edition)

Toby Jepson started his musical career in 1984 with the band LITTLE ANGELS. After an illustrious few years, unfortunately the band broke up in 1994. This profoundly influenced Toby’s music and he released his first solo album Ignorance is Bliss under the name TOBY JEPSON AND THE WHOLE TRUTH. He proceeded to tour under this new label. He released several albums in the last few years and this year he has decided to re-release his first solo album as a twenty five-year anniversary celebration.  

Having not listened to the first release of the album, I was excited to approach this work. Even though it is a re-release, it still carries all the feelings from the first time this album as given to the world. The artist was clearly affected by the breakup of his band and this influenced his music. The songs tend to be melodic with a sad under current. With songs such as Better Off Without Me and Some People Are More Equal Than Others that puts his pain and feelings of lack of self-worth into lyrics that touch you very soul and echo in your heart.

However, the album does also develop a positive message. Growing from songs that start to build you up. From the tune Harder All The Time, which spells out how hard it can be to cope, to the wonderful song All Heal In Time. These songs outline how it feels to have your heart crushed and having to move on, but also carry the message that we can get better. It’s not over and we will heal. It is a testament to the human hearts ability to break and heal, with minimal scaring.

The album progresses you along a journey from heart break and despair on to healing and hope. It does this with music that is beautiful and moving, the blend of guitars, drums, bass and vocals creates a sound-scape that is easy to listen to and soothing to the soul. They complement each other and support the lyrics and message carried through all the way through. This album is a joy to listen to and can be both background listening or fully absorbing depending on your need at the time. In my experience, this is a hard balance for music to achieve.

I really enjoyed this album and think it is an amazing piece of work. It can be hard to find music that touches you and makes you both remember your hurt but also makes you feel positive for the future. I also enjoy the melodic sounds and husky sound of the vocals. I think that Toby Jepson has worked hard on this offering and it shows. I will happily recommend this album to any one and may even look up the original release to see how he has progressed and how he will continue to grow. I will also keep any eye on this artist, I think he has a lot to offer and I am excited to watch for his further work.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Steph Warren

Ignorance Is Bliss will be released this Friday via Jepsongs Recording.


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