Album Review: Sanguine – Black Sheep

black sheep_phixrThere is a new revolution happening with the music industry; a brutal and beautiful album is due for release at the end of the month via Odyssey Music. The album in question is called “Black Sheep” that really lives up to its name; being the unique one of the flock and the outsider in the music industry.  The recording of this album took place at IF Studio that is owned by Melodic Death Metal legends IN FLAMES.

The band behind this masterpiece is Alternative Metal quartet SANGUINE and they are based in Exeter, South West of England near the coast of Devon. They formed in the year 2004 and originally started off as a Progressive Rock Band. A few years later SANGUINE formed the sound it is today that consists of rock riffs, mixtures of melodies, vocal ranges which include screams and singing provide by both front-woman Tarin Kerrey and guitarist Nick Magee.

“Black Sheep” could potentially be the album of 2016 and the year has barely begun; it is a remarkable portfolio of their work. What’s so ingenious about this album is the versatility of their music. The first part of the album showcases sheer brutality and aggression demonstrated by the tracks “Pretty Girl” and “Save Me”, you can then hear the beautiful sounds of ballads including “Breath Out” that one should mention features IN FLAMES guitarist Jesper Stromblad.

The contrast between these two completely different sounds works impeccably well; this is often a hard challenge that often goes to pot but SANGUINE pull this off remarkably. It’s completely inspiring in fact. Particularly when the fantastic vocal techniques Tarin Kerrey show us; one minute you hear beautiful siren-esque vocals on a ballad next you hear her screaming like a banshee over the aggressive guitars.

The album ends on more than a fine note with the mesmerising ballad “Whole World” was a stroke of genius. This will be an album that will not only open more doors for this band but revolutionise music for all.

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