ALBUM REVIEW: Rage – Resurrection Day

The word rage is defined as violent uncontrollable anger. What better name could one choose for a metal band? RAGE have often been referred to as one of Germany’s “big four” of power metal (alongside HELLOWEEN, GRAVE DIGGER and RUNNING WILD) because of their earth-shattering contributions to the scene and for constantly evolving and pushing … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Rage – Resurrection Day

ALBUM REVIEW: Leaves’ Eyes – The Last Viking (Midsummer Edition)

Last year famed symphonic metal band LEAVES’ EYES, released their 10th album, The Last Viking. The Last Viking is a monumental album which demonstrates the band’s strong songwriting and storytelling abilities. The Last Viking’s story begins in the year 1066, on a battlefield near Stamford Bridge, where Norway’s King Harald III has just seen defeat … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Leaves’ Eyes – The Last Viking (Midsummer Edition)

ALBUM REVIEW: Apostolica – Haeretica Ecclesia

Can someone holler a battle cry to ORDEN OGAN, SABATON and POWERWOLF? I am certain their demonic offspring has been found, it goes under the name APOSTOLICA and they are due to release their mighty concoction Haeretica Ecclesia in a matter of days. From listening to this, I am confident more members will be more … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Apostolica – Haeretica Ecclesia


Consequences is an exciting independent release from AEONS, a technical progressive metal band from the Isle of Man. Their debut album, A Tragic End, was a fantastic introduction to their unique take on progressive metal. With tracks like Vampire and Blue Shift being the perfect examples to showcase the two sides to their sound. One … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: AEONS – CONSEQUENCES

ALBUM REVIEW: Danko Jones – Power Trio

DANKO JONES are one of the biggest forces in the hard rock circuit with an impressive career that spans twenty five years. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the band is pioneered by the man himself, Danko Jones, who with the release of their latest album celebrates the band's 25th anniversary. Their ongoing success is, in large … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Danko Jones – Power Trio

Album Review: TesseracT – P O R T A L S

In 2020, the world as we knew it was put to a halt as we collectively attempted to battle the catastrophic Coronavirus. Because of the ongoing restrictions, bands had to rethink how they would perform in front of their fans whilst remaining entertaining and staying within government guidelines. For many bands, this meant live streams. … Continue reading Album Review: TesseracT – P O R T A L S


SUN OF THE SUNS bring together the melody of GOJIRA with the solid grooves of MESHUGGAH and the brutality of FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE. Coined as a scary, groovy relentless machine, SUN OF THE SUNS are an exciting new force in the extreme metal scene and their new album, TIIT, proves their worth. Described as a Sci-Fi … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Sun Of The Suns – TIIT

ALBUM REVIEW: Scarecrow – Splatterpunk

Crawling out of the tombs like some bastard offspring of ABBATH and WEDNESDAY13, Splatterpunk is the latest offering from Finland’s SCARECROW. The band rose from the crypt back in 2002 and have been consistently delighting us with tales of horror orientated metalpunk ever since! Splatterpunk features sixteen metalpunk tracks with touches of Black and Extreme … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Scarecrow – Splatterpunk

ALBUM REVIEW: Electric Universe – Timeless

Well I can only assume the name ELECTRIC UNIVERSE is after the perfect playing and skilled electric guitar in every song. Its solos are like liquid gold being poured in to my ears, it feels so effortlessly played. With Timeless, I’ve never heard a truer name for such an album as its exactly true. Every … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Electric Universe – Timeless