ALBUM REVIEW: Kissin’ Dynamite – Not The End Of The Road

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are back and it’s clear from their upcoming release Not The End Of The Road that they don’t plan on quitting anytime soon. I have mentioned before they are my go-to band when I need a boost, their uplifting sounds manage to bring me out of some dark holes. With this latest release, … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Kissin’ Dynamite – Not The End Of The Road

ALBUM REVIEW: Nocturna – Daughters Of The Night

There is excitement and a buzz around new Symphonic Power Metal outfit NOCTURNA and judging from the strong sounds of their stunning debut Daughters Of The Night, it’s easy to see why. The year has barely begun and fans of the genre already have a new band to add to their music collections. Powerful vocals, … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Nocturna – Daughters Of The Night

Album review: Hellfox – The Call

HELLFOX is a welcome breath of fresh air in the melodic space. The band brings attitude and masterful storytelling that captivates you from the very beginning. While the Italian quartet classifies themselves as an alternative metal band leaning towards melodic death metal, they’ve openly said how the band has utilised each other’s collective tastes to … Continue reading Album review: Hellfox – The Call

ALBUM REVIEW: Rhapsody Of Fire – Glory For Salvation

After beginning our quest with 2019’s The Eighth Mountain we now continue our adventure alongside Italian Epic Symphonic metal legends with their new album Glory For Salvation the next instalment of The Nephilim’s Empire Saga. Let us enter the fray and discover what’s next for our hero. Son Of Vengeance feels like the start of … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Rhapsody Of Fire – Glory For Salvation

ALBUM REVIEW: Smoking Martha – Universe

I came across SMOKING MARTHA a few years ago when writing for another magazine. I reviewed In Deep, their latest release at the time, and remember being impressed with their impressive portfolio of sounds. They are due to release their third studio album Universe and I am instantly reminded why I was drawn to them … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Smoking Martha – Universe

ALBUM REVIEW: Manimal – Armageddon

MANIMAL have been on my radar for a while now, I hadn't sat down and listened to them until recently. They are due to unleash chaos and pandemonium with their upcoming concoction Armageddon. If the actual Armageddon is anything like what this album puts across, I would be thrilled and ready for the ride. It … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Manimal – Armageddon

ALBUM REVIEW: Warcall – Dead End Pt. 2

When we think of thrash music we think of the big names like METALLICA, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX, and SLAYER. While METALLICA remains the biggest band in thrash metal and arguably in the world, there is still an underground world of thrash going strong. One of the most promising names in underground thrash are WARCALL and they’re … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Warcall – Dead End Pt. 2

Album Review: Toothdrinker – The Last Escape

Fans of renowned horror game franchise Resident Evil can rejoice, as a new outbreak is about to be unleashed! Cardiff’s TOOTHDRINKER, present their debut album Last Escape which is based upon 1999’s Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. In the vein of classic rock operas not dissimilar to the likes of MEAT LOAF with strains of metal … Continue reading Album Review: Toothdrinker – The Last Escape

ALBUM REVIEW: Rivers Of Nihil – The Work

The Work is the brand new album by Pennsylvanian Progressive Metallers RIVERS OF NIHIL. It is not strictly a metal album although metal is the dominant genre. Entwined are elements of jazz, easy listening and atmospheric tropes that serve to make something very interesting indeed. The album begins with The Tower (Theme From The Work) … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Rivers Of Nihil – The Work