Album Review: Reckless Love – InVader

recklessloveinvadercd_phixrIt’s well known in the Rock and Metal community that the Nordics are well known for producing some of the best acts in the industry. Finland have been responsible for legends such as NIGHTWISH, SONATA ARCTICA and TURISAS. Finnish Merry Metaller’s RECKLESS LOVE have been around a little while; their fun vibes with cheesy yet brilliant songs have gained them a fan base over the past few years.

For those of you who don’t know RECKLESS LOVE, here is some information; they are from Finland and they formed in 2009. Over those years they have performed all over Europe and have released some cracking albums; including their self titled debut in 2010, “Animal Attraction” in 2011 and “Spirit” in 2013. “InVader” is their fourth album and it was released at the beginning of the month.

This album gives us what RECKLESS LOVE are well known for; fun, happy sounding tunes with memorable guitar riffs, BON JOVI-esque vocals and big choruses with chants that will sit well at stadiums. This is no surprise as their previous albums provide the same vibe. Stand out tracks that demonstrate this claim are “We Are The Weekend”, “Child Of The Sun” and “Scandinavian Girls”.

There are a few firsts from RECKLESS LOVE on this album; first is the track “Hands” that gives the band an edgier vibe and the next is a completely acoustic section in a song that hasn’t been heard before, the track in question is “Let’s Get Cracking”.

The production of the album is mastered and polished which is normally expected for a Glam Metal album, it’s a great way to help imagine the tracks in a stadium and arena like environment. It’s clear, crisp and tight. The song writing is rather predictable for this genre; about partying girls, booze and Heavy Metal.

It ends on a perfect note with “Keep It Up All Night”.

Overall a brilliantly, enjoyable release from the Glam Metal quartet.


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