ALBUM REVIEW: Grailknights – Knightfall

stuk4g6vywl1a_600In Grailham City in a land far far away from here hail five brave heroes. They are GRAILKNIGHTS and they are on a mission to save the holy grail! Once you drink from it, you will have the eternal pleasure of being drunk for the rest of your life. However their arch nemesis Dr Skull along with his henchmen Morph the Swarf and Urks the Dragon are also after this sacred goblet. The mighty GRAILKNIGHTS have to thwart their arch enemy’s plain with a powerful weapon – their music.

Yesterday they released their fifth weapon, their fifth studio Knightfall and it upholds their strong reputation as metal superheroes. Their real identities will not be revealed in case their enemies are reading this report of their latest weapon. All that can be revealed is the troupe consists of  vocalist Sir Optimus Prime, bass man Count Cranium, guitarists Sovereign Storm and Earl Quake and Lord Drumcules, this name is self explanatory.

Onto the record itself, it gets off to a powerful start with the opening instrumental Into the Abyss of the Grail that pinpoints the beginning of their latest escapade. In then transitions into the latest single Pumping Iron Power featuring Power Metal icon Joakim Brodén (SABATON), a single that has been praised by members of their battlechoir on a global scale. With its empowering melody and strong teamwork from each of the talented musicians in the group, it’s no wonder it leaves you wanting more.

The rest of the brave record contains triumphant tracks that will encourage you to bring out your inner superhero. There is an eclectic selection of sounds from eighties sounding synthesizers to the occasional death growls so there a bit of something for everyone here.

The track March Of The Skeletons has a Tim Burton vibe; this comes from the wacky sideshow like tunes on the xylophones and the vocal work that could easily come from one of his films. One part even sounds like Beetlejuice (BEETLEJUICE) singing along with Jack Skellington (THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS). It’s a very quirky track that will keep the listener immersed into their world.

The beginning of the song Laser Raptor 3D could easily come from the lovechild of SABATON. This statement is reinforce by the defiant synthesizer introduction, marching rhythm and excellent guitar work. The rest of the track provides elements you could hear in a SABATON track except less tanks and more lasers which can be heard in the track. One can imagine lots of glossy hair swaying back and fourth to the rhythms of this mighty track.

Book Of A Hero is different to the others, as in not it doesn’t contain as much heavy distortion. It’s more of a folk based track that provides a breath of fresh air to calm down from the mightiness the rest of the album contains. It’s uplifting in a different way and it’s a track that can appeal to wider audiences, providing more members for GRAILKNIGHTS ever growing battle-choir.

The concluding title track Knightfall provides a great finale, the sweeping chorus and pumping verses close the story in the perfect fashion but it leaves you excited and eager for a later installment.

This mighty weapon is out now; purchase it, listen to it and join the battle-choir!


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