Let’s Unite, Stop The Hatred

It’s been over a week since the result of the referendum and to say things have been hectic since would be a huge understatement. It was a shock and huge disappoint to those who voted to remain, even those who voted leave are starting to regret their decision.

I fully respect your decision, whatever you decided to vote for. I know you had your reasons why you voted for what direction you wanted to take the UK.

The thing I am most upset to see is the rising amount of racism and hatred that has seem to come out of the woodwork since the result came out. I understand it was there before but there seems to be a rise.

So let’s unite and stop the hatred in someway; give a small act of kindness like this lady here;


More can be found here on this post

If you see a racist/xenophobic attack happening to ANYONE, speak up. Say how it’s not OK to attack someone for something they have no control over.

Let us unite against the haters and stay strong. Peace out!


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