Half Way Post

It only feels like yesterday since 2016 started and already a lot has happened. Including music releases which is what I am aiming to slowly get back into talking about. So here are the albums that have been released this year that have made my year so far.

Fleshgod Apocalypse – King

If you wish to know why this Italian Symphonic Death Metal act are becoming an established presence on the scene, listen to their latest album ‘King’. It’s a kingdom of songs to suit each of the King’s royal subjects; you have the quirky soundings of ‘The Fool’ depicting the entertaining antics of the court jester, ‘A Million Deaths’ for the King’s army running into battle and the operatic ballad ‘Paramour (Die Leidenschaft bringt Leiden)’ for his queen. These are just SOME of the tracks on this masterpiece. The grand sounding orchestras and the aggressive metal harmonise together exquisitely, proof that opposites attract.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and their official website

Van Canto – Voices Of Fire

What do you get when you have five vocalists and a drummer? You get German Acapella outfit VAN CANTO, over the past decade they have been well known for their brilliantly interesting covers of well known rock and metal songs such as ‘The Final Countdown’, NIGHTWISH’s ‘Wishmaster’ and IRON MAIDEN classic ‘Fear Of The Dark’. This album is entirely made up of original material based on a epic fantasy tale. It’s majestic, it’s grand and powerful. It’s an album one can listen to from start to finish without growing bored.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

King Goat – Conduit

Brighton, UK is a great scene for upcoming metal acts and Progressive/Doom outfit KING GOAT are one of them. They released their debut album ‘Conduit’ back in March and it’s an atmospheric masterpiece consisting of beautiful tracks that have a mellow yet brutal vibe about them. Those who have seen their shows will know they truly deliver and it can be imagined that each of these tracks will go down well with keen punters.

Find King Goat on FacebookBandCamp and their official website.

Grand Magus – Sword Songs

Some of the best metal seems to dwell in the Nordics; Finland, Norway and Sweden. Keeping up the reputation for Sweden is GRAND MAGUS and their latest album ‘Sword Songs’, the album is appropriately named here. It consists of gallant melodies that will bring out the inner warrior within you. From ‘Forged In Iron/ Crowned In Steel’ to their heroic cover ‘Stormbringer’ this is a must have whatever music you like.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika

Finnish Pagan Metal outfit MOONSORROW are somewhat of a household name in the metal community and their latest album ‘Jumalten Aika’ will be sure to continue to uphold that title. It’s a brilliant collection of sweeping, aggressive melodies with pagan elements. These tracks will no doubt have you performing windmills and arrange sweeping syncronised headbanging sessions. There is a perfect balance between the brutality and melodic tones. An album definitely worth checking out.

Find her on Facebook, Twitter and official website.

Avatar – Feathers & Flesh

Swedish Metal circus AVATAR are slowly becoming established onto the scene, their own fable with a book released this year will open more doors for this eccentric troupe. The album is truly fantastic; there is a track to suit every mood under the sun from the majestic ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ to the somber ‘Sky Burial’ it is the classic heavy metal fable that everyone should experience.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

So those are my albums of the year so far. Which albums have made your year so far and what releases are you looking forward to?

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