ALBUM REVIEW: Grave Digger – The Living Dead

Cover_TheLivingDeadjpgNo introductions are needed here. From die-hard fans to casual listeners, it will be hard not come across GRAVE DIGGER at some point. The German crew have been supplying true heavy metal for the past three decades and they aren’t planning to stop anytime soon. Just over a year since their last release, they are back and ready to mark an important milestone with their 20th studio album titled The Living Dead.

Long story short, The Living Dead is an intriguing and remarkable release. It contains some complex yet catchy songs. These songs showcase timeless guitar solos, excellent choruses and a dance surprise at the end. The album gives off a reminder of the band’s heyday whilst setting new standards upholding their solid reputation. Each track gives off power, determination and passion. The tracks described below are some of the reasons why this album comes recommended.

The album gets off to a solid start with Fear Of The Living Dead. The abrupt transition between the child like intro and the beginning of the first verse was an ideal element to get the track moving. It also provides an indication of what the album has to offer. This gives the listeners a first glimpse of their complex yet catchy melodies. This technique has worked in their favour as it keeps the listener interested and ensures that the chorus of the song is worth the wait.

Don’t be fooled by the medieval bard vibe at the beginning of the track Shadow Of The Warrior. It’s a ruse. The soft harmonies between the band are used to lure the listener in before being faced with terror and fear and in terms of this track in particular, that’s a huge compliment. The track itself is another great example of GRAVE DIGGER‘s complex yet catchy sounds.

The pounding and sweeping rhythm from What Was Left Behind will certainly go down well. It is enough to entice the fellow metalhead to shake their fist in the air or headbang along to the beat. If the finger blistering guitar work and the strong vocal don’t convince you that this is a strong track, who knows what will.

If you were to see the names GRAVE DIGGER and RUSSKAJA in the same song, what would you do? It is bound to peak natural curiosity and Zombie Dance is a quirky number that shows outsiders that metal isn’t always serious and dark, it can be fun and upbeat too. An infectious number that will appeal to variety of listeners, metalhead or not, this brilliant number will be a favourite amongst music fans.

The Living Dead is a fine album from the veteran German heavy metallers. Standing as solid proof that GRAVE DIGGER continue to provide the scene with top quality metal, The Living Dead will be a heavy metal treat for die-hard fans and new listeners of the band alike.

Rating: 8/10

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