ALBUM REVIEW: Hammer King – Poseidon Will Carry Us Home

Hammer_King_PoseidonThere is power metal royalty in the midst and they bring a mighty gift. German-based HAMMER KING are set to release their crucial third album. It is titled Poseidon Will Carry Us Home. The title alone portrays majestic and grand tones, so in other words the title is appropriate. It has been hailed their most adventurous release to date and judging from the material it bestows, this quest is worth embarking upon. The album depicts a nautical trilogy, detailing the epic adventures of The King from their previous material. With HAMMER KING‘s tight musicianship and Greywolf Studio’s production skills, they were able to bring this tale to life.

The opening tracks give the listener a taste of the band’s great musicianship. This includes fantastic guitar work and dominant vocals. The title track’s sweeping melody depicts triumph and power, which will entice listeners. The King Is A Deadly Machine gives the listener excellent guitar solos and a bombastic melody that will swim around in your head for days on end. There is such a smooth transition between the songs Battle Of Wars and 7 Days And 7 Kings.

At first, the listener would think they were one track. Some cases that doesn’t work in the band’s favour as listener’s grow bored of hearing the same tones for a long time, this time however, it works very well. Battle Of Wars has a great memorable melody that is uplifted by the brilliant guitar solos and wonderful vocal harmonies whilst the storytelling in 7 Days And 7 Kings is fantastic, which again is hoisted by excellent musicianship.

The vocal harmonies in Last Rites are stunning. This interlude of voices provides those ears a rest yet keeps the listener engaged at the same time. This is the unexpected twist of the story so to speak given the previous heavy material until this point, it also showcases the vocal work at its best. The heavy wonders that the track At The Mercy Of The Waves impart are enough to make the listener smile. It is compulsory that the listener cranks up the volume to listen to this track as every detail deserves undivided attention. The vocal power and guitar work together well along to the fist pumping beat; this will no doubt be a favourite at live shows.

Poseidon Will Carry Us Home ends on a majestic conclusion with the track Meatus Majestatis. The marching beat and foremost riffs will ensure you are listening. This gives the listener one last glimpse of the beauty this record has successfully offered up. The sweeping beat, powerful vocals and great guitar work will have fans and listeners singing their praises for a long time.

Overall verdict? Poseidon Will Carry Us Home is a mighty record that gives the listeners a collection of outstanding tales filled with fantastic riffs, solos and dominant vocal work. If you are fan of power metal and haven’t listened to HAMMER KING yet, this album will be the way to go. Let Poseidon carry you home.


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