NEWS: Angel Nation To Perform Exclusive UK Date


Symphonic Metallers ANGEL NATION are heading back at The Boston Rooms for an exclusive UK date as part of their European Tour.  Hard Rock/Heavy Metal outfit A NEW TOMORROW and Melodic Progessive warriors WINTER’S EDGE will be joining as a mighty support unit.

ANGEL NATION’s started in 2011 by vocalist Elina Siirala under the name ENKELINATION. The past few years has seen the band go through line up changes, sound developments and a large fan base that is still growing by the minute. Last year they released the beautiful sounding Aeon that received much praise from fans and critics alike. Elina Siirala is now also officially lead vocalist for LEAVES’ EYES and she still finds time to tour with ANGEL NATION. Their stunning melodies will blow minds in a live environment, an act not to be missed.

London based A NEW TOMORROW are a union of intricate rhythms, soaring melodies and heavy riffs. Their statement to describe their sound is the heaviness of metal with the sound of rock. They are currently shaping up their sound into the crisp, uplifting melodies you hear.

The story of WINTER’S EDGE begins in 2009 when it was started as a project by guitarist Jeremy Lawler. After years of line up changes and developing their sound, they became an official band last year. They have released  The Guardians Of Our Time Pt. 1. this year and this album has received praise from fans and critics alike. With Charley Jones’s versatile vocal range, you will be kept on your toes.

This show is to take place Thursday 8th November 2018 at The Boston Rooms, London. This is an even that should not be missed!

Ticket Link:

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