ALBUM REVIEW: Heartlay – Attack and Agony

This band has combined some of my favourite things together. It’s a combination I never thought would happen but I’m so glad it did. There is synth, there is industrial techno, there is screaming and some rock. I am reminded of MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, NINE INCH NAILS as well as TOOL and GUNSHIP and I am here for it.

Four piece French Industrial band, HEARTLAY, are dropping their second album Attack and Agony as a follow up to their 2017 release Close To Collapse. It was very well received and defined the album as “staggering, capable to make the genre pioneers extremely pale”

When bands are influenced by a genre, so often it is an imitation; although done well, is not original or fresh. What I love about this band is I can hear the influences they gravitate toward, but it’s been redone and reworked into something new. It isn’t only 80’s, it isn’t only industrial or heavy metal, it is all of those things and it works.

Their first released track Acrookeddream starts as a slow paced 90’s underground vibe and evolves back toward the 80’s, while staying industrial. I honestly don’t know quite how to describe it, but it’s awesome. It makes me want to gel my hair into spikes and wear mesh.

The further you get into the album, the heavier it gets and I think each of the members has excelled themselves with this record. The songs are well structured, well written and the vocals, clean and otherwise, compliment the tracks amazingly.

The first track where heavier vocals start to come in is Bloodright No Way to Hide, which is one of my favourites on the album. It starts as quite a standard industrial track and breaks into a heavy ass chorus which clean vocals laid over screaming.

This leads to You’re Not What You Claim. It starts soft and almost gentle, it then drops an incredible heavy guitar line followed by some MARYLIN MANSON-esque vocals, which I wasn’t expecting but greatly appreciated.  The song is short and sweet but I really like the heavier interlude.

I personally love this album. It’s an amazing combination of genres, all genres I love, and it’s been executed perfectly. After listening back to their first full length album, it’s easy to see these guys have something special.

It’s new, it’s clever, they’re extremely talented and I think they will go a long way with something like this. Finding something unique can be few and far between, but these guys have it.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Amanda Nicholls

Attack & Agony will be out 27th November.

Find HEARTLAY on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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