ALBUM REVIEW: Smoking Martha – In Deep

They are receiving praise from some house hold names in the hard rock sphere. WOLFMOTHER, THERUNAWAYS Cherie Curie and THUNDER are just a few of these famous admirers. The band in question are Aussie-based SMOKING MARTHA and they are causing a stir within the music industry. If their upcoming debut In Deep is anything to go by then it’s easy to see why.

Recorded at Loose Stone Studios with Matthew Bartlem (Matt Corby, DEAD LETTER CIRCUS) in the producer’s chair. SMOKING MARTHA signed an exclusive European deal with Bad Reputation Records to release their debut. In Deep will open up a lot of doors for this Aussie based bunch.

Their versatile sound and song writing are evident within the first few tracks of the album. Today it is often a rarity to find an album which such diverse songs and SMOKING MARTHA have achieved that. This is often thrown around as a cliché but there is a song to suit every taste and mood there is known to man. For example, you have the funky beats of To The Stars, the beautiful acoustic sounds of Baby Let Me Go and that’s only a couple of the styles out of many that this album provides.

Smoking Martha – Baby Let Me Go (Official Music Video)

When you first hear the vocal work, you are taken back to the days of NO DOUBT. Vocalist Tasha D could easily be Australia’s answer to Gwen Stefani. Her smoky vocal technique that adds flavour and flair to the band’s already brilliant sound. This vocal work fuses together brilliantly with the excellent guitar work providing brilliant riffs to create a great portfolio of eclectic songs. The funky beats of To The Starsimmediately entice you in and quite rightfully so. The song contains a catchy melody that makes you want to dance and rock out at the same time. These funky beats work well with the pounding bassline and excellent guitar work to create a wonderful tune. With Tasha D’s vocals being the cherry on top add that extra treat for the ears.

It’s often stated that acoustic tracks let us hear the best of a band’s ability. With the track Baby Let Me Go that is proven to be correct. This song tugs at the heartstrings and have you rooted to the spot with its sheer beauty. Baby Let Me Go shows a more intimate side of the band that you will want more of. The build-up for the track Find A Way comes to a smooth yet explosive climax. The verses contain velvety tones and the choruses provide power. Both of these elements allow you to embrace and loose yourself in the music. The album ends on an uplifting note with concluding track Stranger Things. This fiery track shows us that SMOKING MARTHA are not going anywhere and leaves us in anticipation for more.

In Deep is a remarkable record. This is highly not just for hard rock fans but for music lovers in general. This diverse portfolio of music is sure to go down a treat.

Rating: 9/10

In Deep is out now via Bad Reputation Records.

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