ALBUM REVIEW: The Treatment – Power Crazy

Think AEROSMITH meets AC/DC and you get British Hard Rock quintet THE TREATMENT. Their sound containing huge riffs, bombastic choruses and straight to the point songs has understandably gained ongoing praise from fans and critics. Their fourth album Power Crazy is due to break the airwaves this Friday and it shows this ballsy sound still going strong. With new singer Tom Rampton providing his raspy vocals, the reminiscent Classic Hard Rock vibe is still present and correct.

Power Crazy doesn’t have time to beat around the bush and sugar-coat things. It gets straight to the point with opening track Let’s Get Dirty. When it comes to album openers, THE TREATMENT often nails these to a tee. This prevailing introduction to the album contains infectious riffs, dominant vocal work and brings fourth the desire to bring fourth that inner sex beast dying to come out. The words stating Let’s Get Dirty will be chanted around live venues and living rooms alike when the song plays.

For those who have been fans of THE TREATMENT will know that their versatility when it comes to their songs is second to none. Power Crazy is no exception. Throughout the album you can hear a magnificent array of songs. On this album, you will find your new track that makes you feel you can conquer the world. It’s impossible to pick just one song to demonstrate this statement. In fact it’s hard to pick a few as they all demonstrate this mighty power.

It’s no secret that Rock N’ Roll is mainly about sticking it to the man and playing by your own rules. Within the first few seconds, the song Rising Power gives this vibe. You can hear this within the lyrical content and these lyrics have strong backing from the dominant musical arrangements. If you start to lose sight of who you are and need a solid reminder than this is the song to crank up to the max.

Even the slower tracks Luck Of The Draw and Waiting For The Call provide that ballsy, no frills rock and roll THE TREATMENT are well known for producing. Luck Of The Draw provides the smooth, slow rhythm and a powerful chorus that you will be singing along to after the first listen. It’s a similar story with Waiting For The Call. In both songs, the chorus is emphasised by excellent vocal harmonies, with the hard-hitting riffs and beats, it’s hard to turn away from these songs.

The opening riff to concluding track Falling Down is nostalgic and old school. This followed by the strong melody allows the listener to soak up and absorb what they have heard on the record. It will leave you hankering for more of THE TREATMENT. It wouldn’t be surprising if the album was on loop for days after the first listen.

One thing is certain. This album will require your full attention.  When listening to this record of excellence, crank up the volume and prepare to be blown away. #RockAintDead and THE TREATMENT prove this.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Power Crazy will be unleashed on 22nd March via Frontiers Music SRL.

Find THE TREATMENT on Facebook and Twitter.

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