ALBUM REVIEW: Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters – Show Me Your Teeth

Think SUZI QUATRO meets HALESTORM and then you get Welsh Hard Rock quartet BETH BLADE AND THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS. They are entering 2019 in a true and sturdy style with their upcoming album Show Me Your Teeth and it will make the days of many music lovers a like. The album delivers straight up, no nonsense Hard Rock melodies that will keep spirits uplifted for days.

Over the years, the Hard Rock quartet have been recognised as a non-stop force to be reckoned with. They have shared the stage with the likes of Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson of BLACK STAR RIDERS, ELECTRIC BOYS and Hard Rock legend Marco Mendoza (THIN LIZZY/THE DEAD DAISIES/WHITESNAKE). With an appearance on KISS Kruise 2018 under their belts and this upcoming album release, there will be no stopping them.

Secrets kicks off the album and given the private sounding name, it is a track that is loud and proud. Why wouldn’t it be? It gives you a taste of the band’s strong sound in seconds. In this powerful opening, you can already hear Beth Blade’s striking vocal work, the fantastic guitar work, the pounding bassline and deafening drum beats that provide those thunderous beats.

Show Me Your Teeth is an incredible portfolio of crisp Hard Rock tunes that will stick with you days after listening to the tracks. They all provide bombastic riffs, stunning vocals and thunderous drums but each track has its story to tell.

The guitar riff at the beginning of You & I is strong and bold. It’s the perfect opening to this bombastic track with powerful vocals and lyrics that have a great impact. The line “like a broken record, that’s stuck on repeat” will be relatable to a number of listeners. Especially when they are stuck in a situation, they feel they can’t get out of or trying to walk away from a relationship/friendship that isn’t working. You & I is a great example of what their top-class song writing and music making.

The fast-paced rhythm of If I Ain’t Got Nothing (Then I Ain’t Got Rock & Roll) makes the perfect track if you need an extra boost on that morning workout or to play when during that all-important dash to wherever you have got to be. The rapid chorus containing the title will also be the tune that will be swimming around in the mind at the mere mention of the track after listening to it.

1974 is a beautifully reminiscent track that will take listeners back to a golden year of rock. As the song states in its catchy chorus “guitars and glitter, platforms and shimmers”. The uplifting tone and beat will put smiles across faces. The fact you can learn the words in the chorus within the first listen makes the track that much more special. It will appeal to music lovers a like.

Ending on a pumping note with iconically titled Jack And Coke. In the rock and metal community, the significance of the drink Jack And Coke is no secret. Even the opening riff of the song is similar to a MOTÖRHEAD track. It’s the cherry on top of a high-class album and it leaves you hankering for more.

This album with make listeners want to show their teeth and a lot more. It’s a Hard Rock treasure that will be admired by a variety of fans and audiences for years to come.

Rating:  8/10

Show Me Your Teeth will be unleashed 25th January


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