ALBUM REVIEW: Evergrey – The Atlantic

No introductions required here. It’s no secret that EVERGREY are one of the most respected bands to date. They will be soaring into the new year with their upcoming release The Atlantic and like their previous albums, it will leave you feeling so mesmerised that you forget what you were supposed to do next. The Atlantic presents the third part of their Hymns For The Broken trilogy about the adventure of life. It takes you on a journey to distant lands. Due to their hard work and wanting to give the fans something to enjoy, they worked tirelessly to produce this new masterpiece.

A Silent Arc kicks off the voyage. The atmospheric introduction depicting the boats going off to sea provides the perfect build up to the complex and catchy sounds of the latest release. The melody is hard hitting and will have you enthralled from the moment you press play. Once you scratch the surface of the album and go deeper, fans may notice that it is slightly heavier than their previous releases. Rest assured, all the best elements of EVERGREY’s sound and their relentless talent to produce high quality melodies are part of the album.

All I Have is classic EVERGREY. It’s complex and progressive, yet at the same time, it is catchy. The melody, particularly the chorus, will be swimming around in your head for days after first listen.  The Tidal and End Of Silence provide something interesting to the record. The Tidal is the sci-fi like instrumental that somewhat prepares the listener on what to expect in its successor End Of Silence.  End Of Silence is a complex track that is made up of all sorts of elements. There is the brilliant transition from the end of The Tidal to the beginning of End Of SilenceEnd Of Silence contains some brutal guitar riffs, the sci-fi components from The Tidal and the soft yet striking vocals during the chorus. All different to each other but they all have something in common, they project a lot of power and importance.

Departure is a different track to what EVERGREY have produced previously, however, rest assured the best elements of EVERGREY’s sound can still be heard. The slapping bass provides an enticing opening to a soaring track that gives the feeling of freedom, the invincible feeling that nothing will stop you from doing what you want to do. The mesmerising melody lifts you and helps you forget about reality for those few moments. This feeling is reinforced by the beautiful piano melody and striking vocals.

The Atlantic ends on a hard hitting note with The Ocean, marking the end of a gallant voyage yet leaves a taste so strong that you want more. That’s similar to EVERGREY in a way, once you have experienced their sound you want a bit more. The strong quest of melodies The Atlantic provides is solid proof that EVERGREYcontinue to go strong.

Rating: 8/10

The Atlantic is set for release January 25th via AFM Records. 

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