ALBUM REVIEW: Massive – Rebuild Destroy

Ever listened to something for the first time and found yourself completely immersed straight away? This is the case with the forthcoming album from MASSIVE. It is titled Rebuild Destroy and it will ensure band’s sterling reputation of top-quality sounds with this upcoming record’s explosive content.

When MASSIVE started in 2012 in a farmhouse attic north of Melbourne, Australia, they never imagined it would take them around the world and see their fan base grow in vast proportions. Rebuild Destroy is an album that depicts the feeling of getting knocked down and turning it into something positive. The need for an album like this could not be more crucial in this anxiety ridden time where self-doubt and uncertainty are constantly at the surface.

Rebuild Destroy doesn’t beat around the bush, it gets straight to the point with the bombastic opener Generation Riot. The finger blistering riffs, pounding beats and Brad Marr’s fiery vocals all fuse together flawlessly to create this opening belter. The words ‘not here to start a riot but you can’t keep us quiet’ will be the line of inspiration and help keep up the revolutionary spirit in the name of rock.

If you have been following MASSIVE from the very beginning, there is no doubt that you will hear a great development regarding their sound. Rebuild Destroy is an explosive wonder of slick riffs, dominant vocal work, guitar solos worthy of air guitar and infectious energy. It’s no secret that these are crucial qualities for a top-class Hard Rock gem. Even the slower tracks Face In The Crowd and A Mile In My Shoes provide strength, authority and power.

The track Bullet stands out for its rough guitar riffs and its iconic chorus that is sure to cause head banging wherever you happen to be. The verses are the perfect lead up to such blinding chorus that will make hair stand on end.

Face In The Crowd allows the listener to calm down and take a break from the rough distortion from the previous tracks. Not that the explosiveness from the heavier tracks wasn’t great, it’s usually refreshing to calm down and see another side of the band. The bobbing beat of the track helps the listener to relax and zone out for those few minutes. It also contains some great guitar riffs and the fieriness is still present in the vocals of this calmer track.

A prominent feature of a Hard Rock album of this nature is a song we just dance to. Gettin Heavy provides the opportunity to do this. From the moment this track plays, the rhythm is telling you to dance and this is reinforced by the blasting chorus telling you that it’s Gettin Heavy tonight. A warning ought to be provided that you will end up singing along to this catchy chorus wherever you happen to be listening to this. It can be imagined that this song will go down a treat at live shows.

The concluding track A Mile In My Shoes is a stunning ballad. It shines a light on those passionate vocals provided by Brad, the vast sounding guitar work and the revolutionary drum pattern. These elements all fuse together to create this prevailing melody of passion and inspiration. It is the perfect closing number for this solid album.

Ready to take on the world after being brutally knocked down? Then look no further than Rebuild Destroy. This gem won’t just appeal to fans of Hard Rock but to music lovers in general looking for that raw edge and that inspiration to get up again.

Rating:  10/10

Rebuild Destroy is set for release 1st February via Off Yer Rocka Recordings.

Find MASSIVE on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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