ALBUM REVIEW: Grimgotts -Dragons Of The Ages

You take a scoop of the fantasy musical arrangements from TWILIGHT FORCE, a spoonful from the infamous nautical themes from ALESTORM and add a helping of the bombastic vocal work from RHAPSODY OF FIRE. What could you get from this concoction? The outcome would be Symphonic/Power Metal act GRIMGOTTS. They have released their second full length album Dragons Of The Ages. It is a tale of bravery, sea monsters and dragons.

GRIMGOTTS were initially described as ‘probably the best Harry Potter themed symphonic power metal band to come out of West Sussex’. The band shifted their focus to fantasy and nautical themes. Dragon Of The Ages is their most ambitious release to date. It is a concept album telling the tale of a war between dragons, sea-creatures and men. It’s set in the same fictional realm of Vale as the previous releases. For me, this is my first experience of these heroic sounds and I am hoping to hear more from them in the future.

The opening track War’s Come To Our Shores entices you in instantly with the grand instrumental. At first, I found it hard to hear the vocals. That might have been down to production or my experienced ears going deaf. From what I could hear in the vocals, Andy Barton has powerful vocals. Ones that definitely suit this genre of metal. As the track trails on, the vocals become clearer and you can experience them at full blast. These vocals require your undivided attention.

This album takes you on a grand adventure through majestic music arrangements, dominant vocals that take you to a far-off distant land. Below are just a few examples of what can be found within the story.

I am huge fan of the sea and nautical tales are a favourite thing of mine. With this in mind, I was instantly taken with the track Ancient Waters. The song contains sweeping musical arrangements that remind you of the mighty ocean. There is also poetic lyrics that tell a tale of an epic voyage. This song a highlight on the album.

The track War At Dawn ought to be showcased at arenas and large festivals alike. The melody is grand and epic, something that will be very well received at huge venues. The beginning of the chorus reminds me of IMAGINE DRAGONS until you hear the growl. The rest of the melody is strong and powerful.

The Long Road is an interesting track. It’s one that is made up of several different styles whilst sticking to the origins of their sound. Throughout the track, the acoustic parts of the track remind me of a bard that’s telling you of your fate. There are some celebratory parts of the song that will make you want to conquer the world. The nautical theme at the end of the song was a great touch.

Here Be Dragonlords is the grand conclusion at the end of this epic tale. It gives the fellow adventurers one last blast of their sound before ending the adventure. You are also eagerly awaiting the next adventure or a repeat of this one.

So, are you ready to dive into an adventure? Look no further than Dragons Of The Ages and other quests from the brave warriors that is GRIMGOTTS.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Dragons Of The Ages is out now.

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