ALBUM REVIEW: D-A-D – A Prayer For The Loud

This highly anticipated album definitely starts with a hook. The first track and also first release from D-A-D’s new album is Burning Star, a classic Rock and Roll tune which kept my attention. The rest of the album follows suit and does not disappoint. After an 8 year wait for D-A-D fans, the band have really delivered.

The album is full of high energy catchy rock songs and for any die-hard fans, this new album shows echoes of their older work such as Riskin’ it All and No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims with songs as memorable as Sleeping my Day Away and Bad Craziness.

For any readers who have not heard D-A-D before, they are a four piece Rock and Roll band from Denmark. They were originally named DISNEYLAND AFTER DARK, but changed to the initials to avoid a lawsuit with Disney. They formed in the early 80s and have been making killer tracks since their debut release Call of the Wild, which was unleashed in1986. They are a good time Rock and Roll band with a Blues undertone, recommended for fans of classic rock or bands like BLACK STONE CHERRY or SHINEDOWN.

We all know that Rock and Metal is ever changing and evolving, the way D-A-D have stood the test of time is evolving with it. After listening to as many of their albums as possible, I noticed quite quickly the changes made as they explored new sounds and ways of writing as the industry evolved. When listening to their songs on shuffle, you can hear which albums are from which era of their career.

There are definitive tones amongst 80s Rock and Roll and a clear evolution appears in the 90s as Nu Metal was born. When it comes to D-A-D, you can clearly hear when an album was from the 80s, when it progressed into the 90s and even when the 2000s came, a new tone comes through again; however, I can say that A Prayer for the Loud has gone back to their roots. Throughout their own musical changes, they never lost themselves and that really comes back through in their last album DIC.NII.LAN.DAFT.ERD.ARK and even more so in this new album A Prayer for the Loud.

To paraphrase the band themselves “In the past we have occasionally gone down new avenues to try out stuff. This time around, we are just being who we really are”

The album is a good mix of upbeat high energy songs with two ballads for a nice variety. As someone who isn’t a lover of ballads, I think they’ve done a good job with spacing the two out and keeping a good flow throughout the album.

Some examples are the title track A Prayer for the Loud whichis a fantastic Rock and Roll song with a classic Blues riff that walks you through the verses. It then builds to a bold, high energy and very catchy chorus. Then later into the album, the ballad A Drug for the Heart calms us back down as it takes us to a traditional Rock love song that plucks at the heart strings. This album was a great listen and I’ve definitely had a few songs stick in my head after listening.

A Prayer for the Loud is out now and the band will be touring major music festivals across Europe. Full tour details can be found at

Rating: 8/10

Words: Amanda Nicholls

A Prayer For The Loud is out now via AFM Records

Find D-A-D on Facebook and their official website.

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